The Search for Breast Pump

Now that i’m at 35 weeks of gestation, i really think i NEED to buy a breast pump. As a working mother, obviously my choice would be a double electric one. bonus if it can be used manually too. So far the shorlisted breast pumps are (not in any particular order) :

1. Ameda Lactaline aka Ameda Purely Yours (as it is known outside Asia) – RM 799
    (package with cooler bag, icepack & storage bottle)
    So far good review,
    I find the shape a bit weird tho.


2. Ardo Calypso – RM 878
    (package with cooler bag, icepack & storage bottle)
    It’s a bit bulky, shape wise better than ameda. Can’t find many reviews, but yang ada semua kata it’s      good.

3. Medela Freestyle – price ranging from RM 1450 – RM 1800, depending whether ure getting the switz or the uk/us set. (comes with its own cooler bag and milk storage)
Best review so far from mommies, but i find it weird that most shops will not reccommend you to take. Mostly due to its noise and level of suction. hmmmm

4. Philips Avent Twins Electronic – not many shops have this, its about RM 1000+
(comes with its own cooler bag and milk storage)
 The review is not so good, albeit the service center is great. Most people complain about it being broken after first few usage. But i guess some people used it without encountering any problems. and the plus point is it can also be used manually.

5. Rumble Tuff Duo – RM 388
Cheapest of all! considering its dual, can use electric or battery and can also be used manually. So far the review is good, however since its new, there are no review about its aftersales service.

So far yang paaaaling murah, are packages offered by of course this does not include stand alone blogger yang lain ya. stand alone blogger u can get medela fs cheaper, however the guarantee will not be from lactaequip malaysia. Guarantee will be from the shop itself.

Note that Medela FS & Rumble Tuff uses the same mechanism hence louder the noise as compared to Ameda & Ardo Calypso which has very very minimal sound.

I guess ill be going to enjoybreastfeed next week to try out the pumps! yes u can only try once ure 36 weeks! Good luck choosing your pumps!

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