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The Jungle Book

A damn good movie. I can watch Jungle Book again and again. We brought along the boys to watch it, dua-dua ternganga sampai habis. Although Luqman actually tidur ternganga. Hehe.

The Jungle Book was really colourful. It is full of colours, animations and they all look real. What I really love was how they made it simple to understand. Every bit, every lesson in this movie was clearly stated.

And i love the setting that they had! They had rocky part of the jungle, the temple, the more flowery part and of course, the man part. It gives you an idea of what to expect at every part. Although i felt they could do with a bit more lighting (chewah)

My favourite character would Baloo. Suka sangat dengan flowery setting dia. So lively and lovely! And the least favourite character would be King Louie. He’ s scary looking. Like creepy, scary, i don’t wanna look at your face. I feel like I wanna give you a slap face.

And that boy! Was such a perfect actor for the part. He looked the part, he played the part. Although i really wonder how he did all the climbing stunts. But he’s really good lah. For a kid, memang awesome.

Ive never seen the other Jungle Book, the older one. So i guess i cant really compare. But for all i know, if you have kids, bring them. It’s a beautiful movie. Heart moving…like Lion King.

Go amd watch!

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