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The Culprit

For the past 2 weeks, Hussein was having diarrhea, every 2-3 hours poo poo. And it results to him having loss of sleep and of course, when a baby in unhappy, AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY..
Stress nya..
I tried everything, minyak YuYee, minyak telon dan segala macam minyak. Ingatkan dia sakit perut sebab angin. Then at the end i figured out, it must be something that i eat, since he is fully breastfed. But seriously!, I have been eating rice,fish, vegetables and the occasional ayam kampung for the past 30 days! All grilled, NO oil, NO seasoning, NO cili, no NOTHING!


   My Lunch & Dinner sepanjang confinement
But it is actually a good thing that we are not allowed to eat many things during confinement. It sorts of make it easier to eliminate any food that may causes certain discomfort and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS..
Finally, after careful analysis of my food intake, I found out who the culprit is…..
Ye…I took it every morning untuk ganti Nescafe. So semenjak tidak minum Milo (ah rindu!)….Hussein tidak lagi poo poo sepanjang hari….
Yahoooo boleh tidur dengan aman.
So mommies, i would suggest you just look back at what you are actually eating because really, kesian anak kita tak pasal-pasal badan tak sedap. Kita memang tak rasa effectnya….
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