swollen feet!!!

At 36 weeks of gestation now, and my feet are huge! humongous! elephantomous! call it whatever you want.

I am already a generous size 9 to begin with. Hence now, I am proudly a size 10 and a half 🙂
It is of course normal for your feet to become swollen during pregnancy, but in some cases it maybe worse, considering other factors : how much you walk, how often you stand, etc etc. Bear in mind that this swelling happens gradually. If you are experiencing sudden swelling in your hands, face and feet, please go and see a doctor immediately as it could a sign of pre-eclampsia.

So let’s see, whether there’s anything we can do to reduce this water retention, or in others word feet edema.

1. Sila letakkan kaki ke atas, eg : masa tidur, letakkan bantal di bawah kaki. This helps a lot, really.
2. Drink lots of water
3. Walk, walk & walk.
4. Avoid junk food ye, especially yang banyak garam
5. Makan banyak potassium (keledek, ubi kentang, tomatoes etc)

Of course, there are a lot more things you can try. But these are the things that I did try, and it works (eventho only for a short period of time)

Nak tengok kakiku yang bengkak gils……

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