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NIP..what say you?

Nursing In Public (NIP)

I have always been an advocate of breastfeeding. It just never occur to me to feed any of my children with none other than Human Milk. But what I didn’t know is, it’s not easy to fully breastfeed your baby plus be a FTWM. It never occur to me that we need to pump, store, thaw blah blah. Perhaps i’ll do another entry on just this.

But what I’m more curious now is, how do you feed a baby when you go out? I have not had this problem yet, since masih dalam pantang (Day 30 and counting). So i googled and wallah, hebat rupanya issue NIP ni.
Apparently in September, in conjunction with World Milk Sharing Week, ada flash mob for breastfeeding mothers in KLCC. Twas organized by HM4HB, Malaysia. No, they did not flash their boobies out, but they did nurse their babies in public. Very gutsy and amazing indeed, please have a look:

What do you think of NIP?

I would have joined if I wasn’t 36 weeks pregnant then. The whole thing actually stirred a big controversy. Ada yang setuju, ada yang TAK setuju dengan NIP ni. I personally feel that, as long as everything is covered (maknanya takdalah ternampak benda-benda yang tak patut), it should be OK and allowed and acceptable by the public.

Heelllooooo, I got one hungry baby to feed, please don’t expect me berlari-lari ke nursing room yang kadang2 jauh berbatu. Tak dapat imagine nanti nak feed Hussein macamana, cos he is one impatient baby…

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