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My first Pandora

For my 28th birthday.

Sangat suka! Teramat suka!
The name is as beautiful as the bracelet. A perfect gift I would say. Perfect for a girlfriend, perfect for a daughter, perfect for a mother..perfect for any lady for that matter. In my case, it is a perfect gift for a very happy sister 🙂

Something special for every occasion..

A unique bracelet concept

With the world famous PANDORA bracelet concept, you can add a chapter to the story of her life with a small charm, each one representing an unforgettable moment. There are more than 600 different charms to choose from, and you can always find one to match the special occasions in her life.


And my first two charms is a butterfly…it symbolizes intense transformation for the better..

And a cow..hehehe cos I moo moo all the time. Milk cow baby!

Looking forward to add more charms…

Maybe this ?

Queen Bee charm symbolizes power of a woman YEAH!

Share your Pandora stories here lovelies!

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