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My First Day Out

44 days of Confinement…DONE!

Was so excited to jalan-jalan and of course bring the little one out. Tapi yang paling excited is actually masa nak try balik baju BEFORE pregnant. Baju yang dah 9 months tak pakai. Adakah masih muat….Seriously, I’ve heard and seen so many people who still have to wear their maternity clothes even months after habis pantang. Especially maternity pants. hehe. It’s comfortable they say..

Yours Truly – Sorry muka terlebih excited

                                            VOILA——- Old jeans, Old shirt, NEW me!
Was so HAPPY lepas try baju. Everything is back to normal, if not better, after 3 weeks of Premium Beautiful..hehehe. OK lets go out!

Still wearing your maternity jeans?
Want to wear your normal jeans again?

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