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The Maid Dilemma

No, we don’t have an in house maid. But I do have a half day maid who comes whenever she feels like it. She’s Indonesian and Im pretty sure shes younger that me. A friend recommended her before Hussein was born and we liked her. But now she herself has a baby so it’s kinda like a nursery now, with her baby (Iffan), Luqman & Hussein. Hehe. She’s not great, but she’s good. Well, one cant be too choosy nowadays kan. Asalkan maid hati baik, handle the kids ok, we are ok already. But lately dia selalu tak datang. Nanti I call, she will say..”Sorry adik. Aku ketiduran”..haih.

Kenapa tak ambik inhouse maid?

We decided not to take in house maid cos we don’t like strangers in the house. Lagi nak fikir makan minum dia, pakai dia. Well maybe we will get one eventually but not for the time being.
And taska is really another story. Lets not go there. Takut pulak dengan case case yang jadi sekarang. Scared the beeejezus outta me!

At least with maid at home, my parents and I are around to look at the kids as well.
Tapi if you don’t have people at home, silalah pasang video camera. And tell your maid, kakak rumah ni saya pasang camera untuk tengok anak saya sebab saya rindu dia. At least kat situ dia dah takut nak buat apa apa (I read this in one of Fynn Jamal’s posting).

I’ve asked around how do other people manage to have maids in the house. You can either get an Indonesian maid (now it costs about 10k,for a legal maid) and you need to train them. But I’ve heard too many real life stories about Indonesian maid, which is soooo disturbing. They can run away, they can steal, and of course yang famous is they can abuse your children. Google sikit amah dera bayi…Istighfar panjang. The latest case of course is the maid who feed feces to a 2-year old baby. I mean, seriously? That is so so disturbingly cruel and scary. My SIL’s maid ran away while taking care of her baby. She just left the baby inside the cot and vanished. Imagine if she takes the baby away….And this is from a reliable agent kononnya…

So with paying about 10k, and not having a guarantee of a good maid, many of us resort to illegal ones. But then again, with no proper background, you can easily get crazy ones. And believe me, I’ve heard so many crazy stories. My MIL’s maid smokes in the house and pretended she didn’t (That’s crazy part 1). Another maid actually acts like a boss, by making herself a cup of coffee and laze around while my sister went to work (Crazy part 2) and another one claimed that my SIL abused her (so crazy!). Tak masuk lagi yang black magic (ugh), one friend found used pads with dried blood on their roof whilst cleaning their house!

Or you can either get a Pinoy maid, well trained but be prepared for many demands and gaji yang tinggi. Some earn more than 1K ok! Im not sure about the processing fees, but it is more than Indonesians. But of course, you get what you pay for. One of my friend has got a Pinoy maid, and I am envying her right now. Hehe. But they do ask for leave like once a week, or prolly once in a fortnight.

The best I heard is maids from Myanmar. They are illegal of course, because the processing fees is not very smooth (as compared to Indonesians and Pinoy maids). But our friends family is from Myanmar and they source out a maid to come. And they just decided to pay penalty later on when she decided to leave the country. So cheap!

With two kids now, I feel helpless sometimes! (HELP!) and I asked my Mom how she did it. My brothers are only 1 year apart. She was a teacher tho. And her answer is very simple. “Oh, I had two maids, one for Feizal and one for Fahmy”. NOT helping at all!

So what do you think? Can we survive without maids? I’m sure we can. It just takes sweat, loss of sleep and a lot of patience.

This is wh;at happening at our house, hehe

This is wh;at happening at our house, hehe

p/s: Some do have excellent maids. In that case, please count your blessings 🙂 or even better, SHARE your contacts here!

Love Suraya SK

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