Just Arrived!

Yes, this just arrived. Soooooo super duper excited!

Jumpsac Orbit : Cornflower on Taupe Straps

Hussein is asleep. If not I would have strapped him on. Babywearing is also one of the few things that I’ve always wanted to do. Ambitious mama la katakan. And again, there a loooot to read about babywearing! haha. All these while I thought it’ll be okay to just get the normal carriers that we see at shops. Bukan tak OK, tapi kalau ada yang lebih bagus, why not invest sikit. Afterall this is for my child and the coming adik adiks…InsyaAllah.

I got this from Mamapanda Store in Facebook. They had 15% off for Jumpsac Orbit at that time. You should know that Jumpsac is a Malaysian brand. *clap clap. Of course it is somewhat cheaper (about half the price) than other imported ssc ie: Ergo, Boba, but I was quite happy when i hear the reviews.

Oh you might wanna read about ‘crotch carriers’ before investing in a carrier. I am no expert, but I made my decision after reading about it. Perhaps I should read more and really write about it. Soon I hope!

Stay tuned for ‘Babywearing Hussein shot’

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