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The Hobbit : The Battle of Five Armies

Yay! We managed to sneak out for awhile to watch The Hobbit after planning it since last month. Hehe. If it was up to me, I would have never watch Hobbit. The Notebook, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days… is more like my kind of a movie. But thanks to Mr. Hubbs, we’ve never missed watching The Hobbit in the cinema.

Honestly for someone like me who thinks Erebor is another chocolate brand (other than trebor)…the best part of the movie would be the very very honest and pure love scene with Tauriel and Kili. Haha. That’s wat I looked forward for everytime in the movie. But seriously, if you haven’t watch it,you should.

Kili & Tauriel

Kili & Tauriel

It easily converted me, a chic flick movie go-er, to a fan. You basically get 2.5 hourse of pure imagination and thrilling experience. The movie actually transports you to another dimension of life where all these magical creatures exist. You’ll cringe at the image of Azog the Orc (and all the orc basically) and be irritated by Thorin Oakenshield’s stubbornness. Rasa macam nak give slap in the face and yell!!! heloooo can you please come to your senses!

Azog the Orc

Azog the Orc

My biggest concern, at first when we wanted to watch hobbit was “why would I wanna watch a fighting scene berween dwarves and orcs? I doubt theres any beauty in it. But surprisingly it was very very magical. I felt magical. To watch it at home (unless you hav a big ass giant tv) wouldn’t do The Hobbit any justice.

And the elves….ohh…so pure, so interesting to look at. Sharp eyes, sharp eyes sharp nose, white skin. Very captivating. I secretly love the Elven king, Thranduil. Looking at him, you feel like you do live with all these magical creatures.


Look at that!

Look at that! This is Thranduil

And who says you cant fall in love with a dwarfe? Kili is like soooo handsome! Beats any imagination you used to have about dwarves.

Kili di hatiku

Kili di hatiku

Imagine my surprise when I look through the review and they all say the movie is “a stale inevitable ending”. I think it was beautiful and well, it managed to transport me into another world. Oh well, I am a chick flick fan, so maybe my view doesn’t stand tall with true fiction movie fan.


Will I watch it again? Yes, I’ll be rewatching The Hobbit 1 AND 2 AGAIN. If we were sstill dating, we would have considered doing the hobbits marathon! Haha they have it in The Gardens you know?

Okay goodnite loves, Ill sleep and dream of Kili.

Love Suraya SK

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