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Halal Korean Food : Sweetree

Sweetree : Halal Korean Food

Pronounced as Sweet Tree

No 13, Jalan Ampang Putra,

Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang

Close on Sundays


Despite Sweetree being less than 5 minutes away from the house, I tak pernah pun pergi makan kat sini. Cos the shop doesn’t look inviting at all from luar. Betul. Kalau tengok dari jauh, i tot kedai gula-gula.

Ni ha, signboardnye

Ni ha, signboardnye

Like seriously!

But most of my friends datang dari jauh ok nak makan sini. Call call terus kata, Eh aku kat belakang rumah kau ni..kat Sweetree. Haha. And I would be..apela yang best sangat sweetree ni.

Apparently Sweetree is very famous!, siap masuk jalan jalan cari makan, and one of the very few HALAL Korean food around (other than Kung Jung in Darby Park), and chained ones like Dubu Dubu.

Once masuk, WAH! Surprise surprise. It is very very cosy, unique and have very very interesting deco. You’ll be warmly greeted by Mr. Park, the Korean owner I guess. He even took the time to escort us upstairs and showed us a table. I gotta say I am very impressed.

Full house ok Sweetree ni. The menu looks reasonable. Averaging about RM 15-RM 20 per serving.

Once we ordered, the appetizer came. Taktau la awat appetizer nasi but seriously, it taste so good! And its FREE. It’s like nasi bubur with condiments.

I ordered the Kimchi Jigae (Kimchi Soup) and it was so tasty! The only downside was in came in a small bowl. For me lah. I memang makan banyak. Yusraa ordered another kind of stew, tofu if im not mistaken. And we also had the Gimbap? Bimbab? Looks like sushi, taste also like sushi.

But what I must tell you is you NEED TO TRY the GREEN TEA LATTE!!

Amazingly delicious. I tell you. Masih terasa di tekak. Ish.

If you all pernah makan kat Sweetree ni boleh la share apa lagi yang sedap k. So far for Korean, this one is my favourite. The ambience is nice, food pun sedap, price reasonable..berpadanan lah dengan ambience yang cantik.

Untuk yang tak berapa nak lalu makan Korean food, they also serve other dishes. Nasi goreng la, pasta la…but honestly, rugi sangat if you tak try their Korean food. It’s so sedap!


Akak bagi..4 bintang!

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