Fynn Jamal

A new name that has been in my instagram.

She is big apparently OK. I just discovered her recently. Bak kata hari hari lah nak tengok instagram dia ni. Oh and shes a writer. One of my favourite is :


dan semua akan aman.


This is from her book, Puisi Tepi Jalan. Apparently it has reach its 4th print. How cool is that haaa! I should really get one of these babies. Personally I like the way she writes coz its short. Straight to the point. And the best part is, you know its from the heart. It’s like she just writes whatever that come to her. No filter. Hehe. Maybe that is why some people find her a bit offensive. But then again, I’ve already come to a conclusion that some people just have nothing better to do. True enough, if you don’t like someone, just unfriend her. You don’t like her photos, just unfollow. No room for hatred kan. Semua sayang menyayangi.

Actually dulu I pun nak jadi writer. I always have this passion for writing. But of course when its in the head it sounds much nicer than when it’s on paper. Having a blog have always been my dream. But i never got around to do it due to other commitments bla bla. Buta IT aku ini sebenarnya. Alhamdullilah, now I have one.

As for poetry, boleh la sikit sikit. Setakat menang best poem in UIA masa student dulu. Hehe. But sadly, i submitted the poem and didnt keep a copy for myself. Haih. And after school i actually applied to study English Literature. Ntah macamana end up in health science.

I havent thought of poetry for so so long. So lets just try to make one for Hussein.

A loan. A reminder

I am thankful for my bundle of joy
An easy one to entertain with his toy
The exact duplicate of daddy
And mamas size 9 feet
I wish you well i wish you shine
Now off you go
Go on & get to know world

Ok that doesnt sound quite right.

Suraya SK

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