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I am so lucky to have such talented cousins. My henna was done by a 16 year old.(!)
by Aisha Kallahan

A closer look…

Outer view

Palm view
I didnt do the feet tho. Didn’t have enough time. Btw those who wants her service, kindly contact me ūüôā


Make Up Artist

So far this is the BEST compromise I’ve made. Im a minimalist. I believe eveything should be not be OVERDONE. However, yang simple but nice ni lah yang suuuusah sangat nak cari. All my MUA are different. And their price is probably suku then what you pay to get a professional one. But Im HAPPY!

Here are some photos tho:

by Nadia

by Tiffany of James Irdale

by Kak Nora of Fiqrah Anggun


Photographer & Videographer


Like i mentioned earlier, i was happy with the subsitutions i made.

Alhamdullillah bila tgk gambar from fotofreaks and video from beehunt, it made my day.


Bercanda di Taman Tasik Perdana

A bed of Roses

Doorgift – credits to Aunti Ani


Beverly Feldman..highly recommended


And this is the wedding video done by Beehunt.

Everyone’s favourite topic


The happiest days of my life. And i would like to share it with y’all.

                       Feels Just Like Yesterday


  02.10.10 Our akad nikah 


 03.10.10 Our sanding


09.10.10 Bertandang

Once we made up our mind to get married, i promised myself that i wont let this wedding become a headache. It should be filled with joy and fun, and of course it should be friendly to our pocket. hehe.

Of course the names i had in mind were awesome!

Konon konon :
     Make Up : Sue Cantik
¬† ¬† ¬†Pelamin : Naz’s Great Idea
     Place : Carcosa Sri Negara
     Attire : Syaiful Bahrim / Jovian Mandagie
     Photographer : Qippy
     Videographer : Manggis
     Wedding Cake : Delectables @ garden

I would say the list above is like every girls wishlist…well, maybe back in 2010.
But then, reality check…tak cukup duit la kan nak hire they all. However, I was happy with the¬†substitutions¬†that we made!

I’ll blog more about this soon!

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