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Knowledge, Mentor, System & Action

Keys to a successful business

To have knowledge is like having your own power to do something. Pernah tak buat presentation about something that you are not sure of, compared to something yang you memang tahu inside out. That is the power of knowledge. Kalau tahu, memang confident kita cakap. All questions bak datang la orang kata. Answers at fingertips sahaja. In this business, knowledge is readily provided and shared by great people who have exprienced in first hand. Bukan setakat baca buku saja. Praktikal, demo, one to one session, semua ada.

This is like what Dr Azizan cakap. Having a mentor is actually really important for you to get your ass up and do something different in your life. As for Suraya, a mentor is my inspiration la orang kata. Because I’ve never had any experience in doing business. Adala dulu dulu jual nasi lemak dekat UIA..hehe. So memang padanlah, my mentor is Lynn Shukor, who runs her own family business and memang hebat pasal business. Tambah lagi pulak kak Salha yang memang sangat sangat helpful and if you duduk dekat dia, you will get her positive vibe. Aura yang baik gitu.

Inilah tools untuk business. Banyak betul yang available nowadays kan! Business at your fingertip. Omnipreneur. Anywhere, Anytime. There are sooo many platforms that you can buikd your business on. And on top of all that, mentor still akan guide you. Kak Salha selalu cakap, semua dah guide, dah suluh. Kita tinggal ikut je.

Great Leaders gives great input – Alfaath with Omnipreneur presentation

Last but not least,

Ni actually key element to all that is listed above. Takda orang yang boleh berubah melainkan diri dia mahu berubah. So with all the help that has been showered on to us, it depends, apa yang kita buat. Pendek kata, kalau tak buat apa-apa, maka tak jadilah apa-apa.

So there, 4 steps to be successful in business. Got all that checked? Not yet? Why don’t you check our group out. #TopLeadersCircle. We aim big. We dream big. We do BIG. And what’s more important is, we have a big heart. Call me ūüėČ


Suraya SK

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SoHonista. What is it all about?

I received many enquiries regarding my previous entry. Many are asking what has Top Leaders Circle (TLC) got to do with SoHonista.

Top Leaders Circle IS SoHonista Icon.

Kak Salha, as the TLC leader also gave an inspirational talk on HOW she became and successful sohonista. And how it is achieveable by people out there who wants to become one.

Why is she chosen as an icon? 
Simply because she has proven that with SoHo business, one can be successful.

What business is she in?
She pioneers the network franchising business. What made her successful? Online marketing (and willpower of course).

And what is TLC again?
We are a team of aspiring omnipreneurs running virtual business from anywhere and at anytime! From diverse backgrounds, we come together and thrive in this business to pursue our dreams and goals. We live and breathe by our values of humility, progressiveness and professionalism. We are fortunate to be in the circle of some of the finest online entrepreneurs. Our team benefits especially from our pool of experienced mentors who shares wholeheartedly their vast experience of more than 10 years in the industry.We shall continue to enlarge our circle, to bring about new and positive change for us to build our society into a progressive and dynamic nation.

So, where is Suraya in this picture?
I, my friend, am a proud member of the TLC group. And I am so thankful that I chose to venture in this business. That I chose this group to be in, for they have wonderful leaders who are willing to guide and shape  you, to achieve what they have achieved.

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Sohonista..The Day After

We had a blast!
For those who went, thank you so much. For those who didn’t please do come to the next event. I’m pretty sure there will be more and more to come. Check us out.

In Utusan Mingguan –¬†Glamour sekejap you!

And another one!

For those who are asking, what is SoHonista? It is actually a national platform to help us to do business online,SoHo style (Small Office Home Office), where we can do business anywhere, anytime. I was so touched when Dato’ Sri Shahrizat recognized the problem we face nowadays, especially young mothers, regarding child care. I truly felt thankful that there are powerful people who are concern about the fact that full time working women are spending more time at work rather than with their children.

Read more here.

And this is where we, the Top Leaders Circle comes in. 
Top Leaders Circle is a group of people who does online business. Armed with smartphones and tablet PCs, our business runs 24/7. Isn’t that great! And to top it off, our TLC mentor,¬†Salha Zain¬†is chosen to become the¬†SoHonista ICON! Seriously, it can’t get any better than that rite. You got to learn from the best to be the best!
Honestly, Suraya sendiri memang tak pernah terfikir nak set up bisnes sendiri, nak kerja sendiri. Memang in my mind, I study hard, get good grades and get a good job. That’s it. But bila dah kahwin, dah ada anak, parents pun dah berumur..I start to doubt my decision. WHY am I spending so much time outside of home, when I am needed at home. My family needs me at home. My SON needs me at home.
My little munchkin

For you guys out there who is still searching, looking, wondering how you can stay at home and earn GREAT income, do ask. Because like they say ‘If there is will, there is a way’.¬†

Like what kak Salha cakap in her speech during the SoHonista event. You need to have FOUR things to be successfull. 
1 – A Dream : Knowing what you want.
2 – A Mentor : Follow the steps of people who has done it.
3 – A System : A track that keeps us on our feet.
4 – And Action : You have to walk the walk and talk the talk.
Ask me about it.

Do you feel the same way like I do?



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Sohonista, See you there!

Assalamualaikum lovelies!!

I am so excited to share this with you all !!. Presenting….

Don’t Miss!

Kenapa pulak nak pergi sini?

For those who are sick and tired of their job.
For those who have the desire to make a difference
For those who wants to do something but don’t know what
For those who is still in search of what to do in their life
For those who are just looking for extra money!
This is where you should be at. This Saturday @ Publika 10 am Р6pm.
Insya Allah I’ll be there with other Top Leaders Circle (TLC) member. Who are we? Lead by Salha Zain, we are a group of entrepreneur who runs this business using social media. Remember the keyword? Anytime, Anywhere.

Spot this this Saturday

And ask about this….

It’s not a secret

Come and have fun with us.

Suraya SK

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Flavours, Bangsar

Owned by none other than celebrity chef, Chef Riz.

We were there to celebrate my beloved mentor, Lynnshukor’s birthday. Surprise birthday dinner organized by Salhazain. Memang best kak Salha ni, with her it’s always about building great relationship. It was a wonderful experience! Entertained by a multitalented performer, Abang Bo. Birthday greetings from all over the world! Memang performance dia tiptop!¬†
Abg Bo & Mr Amar rocking the stage

The food was great and suprisingly affordable. I had the beef wraps while hubs had the mushroom melt.

A few of us had pasta. The house speciality is apparently pasta with ‘cili padi’. Not for the faint hearted ya. Memang pedas!¬†Yang health concious ordered ‘chicken…apa ntah’. It is written in the menu tho, for a healthier substitute. But it is YUMS.

Mushroom melt – flavoursbangsar

The birthday girl had loads of fun. Siap ada Abang Bo, Mr Ammar & Chef Riz himself sang for her!! Chef Riz’s rendition of Belaian Jiwa is definitely to die for. A man who can cook and sing..hmmm ūüôā¬†

With Chef Riz

And of course yang tak tidur malam tu semestinya my little man. Terkejut tengok multi talented performance by Abang Bo agaknya !

Kudos to Flavours Bangsar and team. Will come here again. For the food and the entertainment!

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SM/SSM award 2013

A beginning…

The first step :
Red skirt from Aunti Ani’s shop, Black top from Dorothy Perkins & Grey blazer from Vintage Vibes. Tudung is Mom’s collection & inner scarf is DIY lace yo’

Remember the saying ‘ A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’ ?. So here I am, receiving the award for having the courage to take the first step.

The award was filled with many many aspiring people, just like me, wanting to make changes. Wanting something extra out of their life. And I am happy that I have chosen this step. Having the courage to do so. Of course guided with great leaders and mentors. 
As featured in Salha Zain’s Instagram
Part of Queen Bee with CDM Salha Zain & CDM Jasmin Halim

CDM Aimi Natasha gave a speech on that day. She actually cried on stage while she was giving the speech. A speech on how she strive in the business. And I totally understand how it feels like. The reason behind this business. The need to do it. The willpower it takes to do it. Only YOU and YOUR reason can keep you going. And yes, I have my reasons.

A responsibility as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend. Memang sedih bila terpaksa spend half of the day outside, catering to others needs, when we are needed at home, to be with our family, our loved ones. And knowing that I will HAVE to do the same thing for the next 20 -30 years..scares me. Not everyone have the luxury to just quit their job. There are of course many things at stake. Medical, security, reposibilities…..Masya-Allah.
So with this step, I pray for the best. I pray for a lot of things, but more importantly I pray for time, quality time with my loved ones.
Salha Zain’s proteges

Her spirit, My inspiration.

Share with me your reason & make a difference in your life

                                                            010 2256224
                                                                or email
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GLAM has moved!

We moved to a bigger, nicer place in TTDI. It was awesome! Looking forward for more classes.

Taken from Salha Zain’s Instagram

Yours truly is cutting a delicious red velvet cake from A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly. Sinfully delicious! Gotta try them!

Anyway, was supercharged from this class. Imagine, a PRADA bag as a giveaway! Seriously….I never thought that would be possible. Well, GLAM is extraordinary. Filled with people who wants to make their life EXTRAORDINARY. It’s so inspiring to be with these people. To at least try and make a difference, rather than succumb to what life has in store for us.¬†
Join GLAM? Why not? Ask me how
                                                              012 Р2256224
                                                                   or email

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Premium Beautiful : Duplicating Your Success

Yes. Duplicate is the key word.

Ramai je orang yang selalu tanya..macamana nak berjaya. Macamana nak kurus. Macamana nak begitu begini. Jawabnya mestilah tiru apa orang yang berjaya tu buat.

So, macamana nak jadi macam Hanis Haizi and Salha Zain? Previously housewives turned successful enterprenur with 6 FIGURES INCOME per month. Kena la tiru apa yang diorang dah buat. Cos obviously whatever that they did WORKED.

Salha Zain                                                                  Haniz Haizi

How to follow them? First kenalah BUANG JAUH JAUH alasan-alasan ke tepi. Set your heart and your mind and just GO. Sebab hanya diri kita sendiri yang boleh ubah diri kita.

And that is why Suraya join G.L.A.M. Be in the right group, with the right mentor. InsyaAllah jika niat kita baik, semuanya akan berjalan lancar.
Remember the saying : Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll still be amongst the stars.
How to be in G.L.A.M?                     
                                                             Call me at 010-2256224
                                                                        or email

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Remember Salha Zain

Yes..Salha Zain.

I blogged about her earlier. Had a look at her website? 

80 000 followers!??!?!?!!? seriously..who is she!??! When i first had a look at her website I was so impressed and dumfounded and I still couldnt believe how humble she was when i met her face to face.

Let’s just say I am truly inspired by her success story. I read and re-read her page over and over again to find the courage, the will and the power to really take the first step towards something totally different than what I normally do.

I remembered this particular entry in her blog which says…
“nak jadi jutawan tapi golek golek tengok tv”… “macamana nak jadi jutawan”….

hahaha..memang menusuk jiwa sentence ni sebab until now, kalau tengah golek-golek tengok TV, mesti teringat kata-kata ni..dan TERUS BANGUN ya..

And who do I owe meeting her too, of course to another supermommy cum superwoman, my very own mentor, Lynn Shukor. The one who did Paris & London in less than a week. Are you kidding me!?

So I keep telling is all DOABLE..

And one thing, they keep telling us over and over again : ALWAYS BE YOURSELF

salha zain

The day i met SALHA ZAIN

My SIL was the one who introduced me to Salha. They were already waiting for us at home when we got back, and i remembered me saying to Hafiz “Fullamak dia pakai beamer, biar betul jual corset ni”

Yes, that is true. And when Salha explained to me about the business plan, i tot, wat the heck, lets just give this a try. After going through worst case scenario, we figured it was a GOOD business, with very minimal risk.

And then we’re off!!

And please, check out Salha’s website. You’ll get what i mean ūüôā
She is an inspiration..ya’ll with me?

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