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I just thought I’d share this with you guys. Throughout my..*ehem* 30 years of life…there were many advices that actually made a turning point in my life. Advices that I really think made me think and gave me the much needed support that I was looking for.

So here goes…

“No matter how angry you are with each other, get the matter over with before you sleep at night. Never carry the anger to bed as it will get worse the next day”
 – this uncle, on my wedding day

“Buat je. Nak tunggu ready nak sembahyang..nak pakai tudung..takkan rasa ready. If you do it everyday..Insyallah one day hidayah tu mesti akan datang,
 – MasMona, my uni roommate

“Even you if fail today, that does not mean you are not going to be a successful person”
                                                                               -my lecturer, when I failed my postgrad exam

“Kalau tak berani tak kemana”
                                -my brother

“Babies cry. That’s how they Continue Reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Ayah is prolly the best Dad anyone can ask for. He was my role model and WHENEVER there was something that I dont know, I can always ask him. And he will always come up with the correct answer. Imagine, people coming up to you..and say, “Suraya, you father is a very good man”. I bangga sangat.

Once when I was in secondary school, we had to draw out a map. I memang buta seni and it took me forever nak lukis. Ayah then taught me how to scale the map and draw according to the scale. And the other time in uni when I had to give a talk on “Dasar Ekonomi Baru”, all I had to do was give him a call and copied out all his points.

He was the toolman, the gardener and the housekeeper. Pipe rosak, ayah fix. Kerusi patah pun ayah fix. There was one time when I bought a DIY study table and gave up after 3 hours of trying to assemble. Ayah buat tak sampai 15 minit.

Sensible would be his middle name. From kecik kita tak pernah lavish, but he would spend money on books and educational items. I remembered when he bought the encyclopedia set for thousands of ringgit, we all thought that was just crazy. Turns out that encyclopedia serves us well over the years.

Because of him, I learnt many things. From piano lessons, to computer to sewing to tennis to swimming. Amazing. I owe it all to him. Imagine having a rock that you can always count on. When I wanted to bail out from my supposedly ‘scholarship’ agreement, he just write up a check the next day. Tak tanya banyak. Tak tanya pun macamana I nak bayar dia balik. (Tapi i dah bayar balik ok).

So one day, when he just changed, it was really a hard slap on my face. He became withdrawn, quiet, lazy, sad, sensitive and he doesnt even go out from the house. Imagine, having your solid rock for 27 years of your life..and one day it just disappeared.

The first year that he changed, I didn’t take it too well. Selalu sangat marah dia. I just couldn’t understand. Like why cant he just go out and buy food for himself. And why can’t he drive my mom around. Why cant he make decisions for us anymore. WHY WHY WHY! And i just blamed him for everything. The house was a mess, the garden flowers were dying and he even stopped going to the mosque.

But there was this one particular night that I shouted at him while I was in my confinement….that made me feel really bad..So I went up to him and said sorry and he hugged me back and say its okay….he knows I didn’t mean it….and thats when I realized, he really was having problems. And it is really something that he cant control.

We werent quite sure why he changed. My mom of course kata black magic. Hehe. But medically we think its a sign of andropause. And a lot of people are saying its due to ageing and prolonged use of heart medication. I keep forgetting that he is already 69 years old. But now when I see my patients yang baya my dad, I count my blessing. Cos Ayah certainly looked a whole lot better than them.

And slowly I began adjusting. All I can tell myself is, he has been there for us all this time. So now it is our time to give back to him. Part of the reason why I quit my job. And alhamdullillah, now he is better..still not the same like last time, but he’s still my rock.

Happy Fathers Day Ayah. I miss the old you. But its okay 🙂





Fynn Jamal

A new name that has been in my instagram.

She is big apparently OK. I just discovered her recently. Bak kata hari hari lah nak tengok instagram dia ni. Oh and shes a writer. One of my favourite is :


dan semua akan aman.


This is from her book, Puisi Tepi Jalan. Apparently it has reach its 4th print. How cool is that haaa! I should really get one of these babies. Personally I like the way she writes coz its short. Straight to the point. And the best part is, you know its from the heart. It’s like she just writes whatever that come to her. No filter. Hehe. Maybe that is why some people find her a bit offensive. But then again, I’ve already come to a conclusion that some people just have nothing better to do. True enough, if you don’t like someone, just unfriend her. You don’t like her photos, just unfollow. No room for hatred kan. Semua sayang menyayangi.

Actually dulu I pun nak jadi writer. I always have this passion for writing. But of course when its in the head it sounds much nicer than when it’s on paper. Having a blog have always been my dream. But i never got around to do it due to other commitments bla bla. Buta IT aku ini sebenarnya. Alhamdullilah, now I have one.

As for poetry, boleh la sikit sikit. Setakat menang best poem in UIA masa student dulu. Hehe. But sadly, i submitted the poem and didnt keep a copy for myself. Haih. And after school i actually applied to study English Literature. Ntah macamana end up in health science.

I havent thought of poetry for so so long. So lets just try to make one for Hussein.

A loan. A reminder

I am thankful for my bundle of joy
An easy one to entertain with his toy
The exact duplicate of daddy
And mamas size 9 feet
I wish you well i wish you shine
Now off you go
Go on & get to know world

Ok that doesnt sound quite right.

Suraya SK

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Flavours, Bangsar

Owned by none other than celebrity chef, Chef Riz.

We were there to celebrate my beloved mentor, Lynnshukor’s birthday. Surprise birthday dinner organized by Salhazain. Memang best kak Salha ni, with her it’s always about building great relationship. It was a wonderful experience! Entertained by a multitalented performer, Abang Bo. Birthday greetings from all over the world! Memang performance dia tiptop! 
Abg Bo & Mr Amar rocking the stage

The food was great and suprisingly affordable. I had the beef wraps while hubs had the mushroom melt.

A few of us had pasta. The house speciality is apparently pasta with ‘cili padi’. Not for the faint hearted ya. Memang pedas! Yang health concious ordered ‘chicken…apa ntah’. It is written in the menu tho, for a healthier substitute. But it is YUMS.

Mushroom melt – flavoursbangsar

The birthday girl had loads of fun. Siap ada Abang Bo, Mr Ammar & Chef Riz himself sang for her!! Chef Riz’s rendition of Belaian Jiwa is definitely to die for. A man who can cook and sing..hmmm 🙂 

With Chef Riz

And of course yang tak tidur malam tu semestinya my little man. Terkejut tengok multi talented performance by Abang Bo agaknya !

Kudos to Flavours Bangsar and team. Will come here again. For the food and the entertainment!



Snatch thieves.

This is the second time jadi right in front of rumah Suraya. Dua orang budak perempuan, tengah jalan and suddenly datang motor snatch bag budak perempuan tu. And itu MAIN road ok! Kesian, budak Melayu muda. Menangis-nangis budak tu. Last time, orang Korea yang kena. Yang ragut tu pun mungkin Melayu. Pernah sekali jadi dekat jalan ni jugak, tapi depan sikit. Depan tadika baru “Brainy Bunch : Islamic Montessori”, situ ada kedai nasi lemak. Ada brother kat kedai nasi lemak baling kerusi ok dekat snatcher tu. Tapi dia tak jatuh pun, kerusi je yang patah.

Terkejut, takut dan macam-macam lagi lah yang rasa. Sebab kalau nak fikirkan, benda tu boleh je jadi dekat kita sendiri. Plus bila benda ni jadi depan rumah kita sendiri, mula lah kita ingat bukan-bukan. If they can snatch, Suraya sure diorang pun ada capability untuk curi masuk rumah kan. Kasut kitorang dekat luar rumah ni pun, dah jadi macam kasut wakaf. Kalau ada yang cantik sikit tertinggal kat luar rumah, memang pagi esok confirm takda.

Suraya dulu pun pernah kena rob masa naik taxi. Masa tu I was only 16. Bayangkan, budak lagi. Memang terkejut la, traumatize pun ada. Driver tu siap keluarkan parang lagi. Experience macam tu memang jadikan Suraya over cautious, and paranoid kadang-kadang. Tapi susah nak explain dekat orang yang tak pernah kena. Kita akan sentiasa rasa diri kita tak selamat. Semenjak dari tu, memang jarang naik taxi. Kalau naik pun, mesti akan duduk belakang pasenger’s seat and prepare any weapon in case anything happens.

Another experience is kereta kena pecah. Ni jadi time student kat UIA Kuantan. But this one I have to admit, it was my fault. Park dah la kat tempat sunyi, lepas tu letak pulak laptop atas seat belakang. Memang langsung tak teringat masa tu. Kirim salam la jawabnya, habis je makan, tengok cermin dah pecah, laptop pun hilang. Report polis pun tak guna.

Jadi, Suraya harap la..kita jaga betul-betul diri kita. Sebab, kalau kena rompak, kena curi satu hal. Kalau kena benda lain, kan dah jadi macam-macam hal. Always make sure, tak ada ruang yang boleh mengundang benda-benda buruk ni dari terjadi. Memang, kalau dah takdir, akan jadi jugak. Tapi ambik contoh kereta Suraya yang kena pecah tu. Kalau tak tinggal laptop mesti tak kena pecah kan 🙂

Apa Suraya selalu amalkan is :

1. Jangan jalan sorang-sorang
2. Jangan bawak handbag tali panjang. (Sling bag paling safe rasanya)
3. Bawak weapon. Anything yang boleh protect kita. Dalam kereta Suraya ada kayu golf. hehe
4. Always, always, always tengok sekeliling kita. Kalau ada yang mencurigakan, tolong be aware.
5. Do NOT attract people. Contohnya, jangan cakap phone masa tengah jalan, jangan letak phone atas meja makan…things like that.
6. And yang bawak kereta, tolong make sure kereta sentiasa kunci. SENTIASA. Especially dekat petrol pump.

Memang nampak remeh. Husband Suraya cukup semak kalau sebut pasal benda-benda ni. But I always remind him, awak tak pernah kena..sebab tu awak tak faham. Kalau terkena sekali, barulah nanti nak jaga-jaga. And by that time, kan dah terlambat. Jangan la jadi macam tu ok ?

And pencuri sekarang dah makin creative dan sangat-sangat berani. Tengok la ni..

Stay safe people!

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Listen ! Listen! Listen!

This was shared to me on Facebook. Personally I feel it’s so saddening that this sort of thing can happen publicly. Lack of professionalism. On both side I must say…sampaikan ramai orang boleh bikin publisiti murahan pasal isu ni. Jom tengok!

This was what happened :

And then comes the public mockery :

Siap boleh jadi marketing tool :

Ada pulak yang buat business, hehe :

But this is my personal favourite :
And how about something to soothe the ear :

Dan banyak lagi benda kelakar yang lain :

Oh well..I had a good laugh, yes. But I also think that this is an important issue that should be addressed..
What say you?

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My first Pandora

For my 28th birthday.

Sangat suka! Teramat suka!
The name is as beautiful as the bracelet. A perfect gift I would say. Perfect for a girlfriend, perfect for a daughter, perfect for a mother..perfect for any lady for that matter. In my case, it is a perfect gift for a very happy sister 🙂

Something special for every occasion..

A unique bracelet concept

With the world famous PANDORA bracelet concept, you can add a chapter to the story of her life with a small charm, each one representing an unforgettable moment. There are more than 600 different charms to choose from, and you can always find one to match the special occasions in her life.


And my first two charms is a butterfly…it symbolizes intense transformation for the better..

And a cow..hehehe cos I moo moo all the time. Milk cow baby!

Looking forward to add more charms…

Maybe this ?

Queen Bee charm symbolizes power of a woman YEAH!

Share your Pandora stories here lovelies!

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Turban Fever


Yes, the mother of turban in Malaysia. Her collections are GORGEOUS! My personal favourite is the Qamar Turban Scarf..oooooooo canteknya!!

Qamar Turban Scarf

But since I can’t wait to get ahold of my own Qamar, I start ‘googling’ and found a nice hijab tutorial by our very own stylish blogger, AmiScahaeera, Thanx Ami! I also call it the ‘croissant tudung’. Tried it with my Zara scarf, and it works! Varies a bit with Qamar but, yeah I think it might work.

Ok….bila dah letak sekali nampak pulak lain bebenor..
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Goodbye 2012

A year that has totally changed me. A year that thought me patience, persistence and diligence. An eye opener and a start up for us. The best gift from Allah SWT. Motherhood is really something else. A journey full of surprises that I’ll definitely cherish. May 2013 make me wiser and a better servant.

Mama lovs you Hussein!
Partners, mentors, backbone..all in one
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Shine bright like a diamond!

They say Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend..

Sorry Marilyn Monroe, I gotta disagree with you. The thing is, a BEST FRIEND is supposed to make you feel better. And what makes me feel better is knowing that I look good. Bukan nak tak suka diamond, hehe tipulahkan. But if given a choice, to look good or to have diamonds, I would choose to LOOK GOOD. Don’t we all?  And to look good, you gotta feel good. Remember how it feels like when you have a good hair day, a good face day..or a good anything day? Now, that’s what I feel when I wear my Premium Beautiful. Bonus is…I feel it everyday! Gotta wear it to feel it yo’


o0o0o0 Yeahh!!

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