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WAIST TRAINING With Premium Beautiful

Have you heard of the waist training movement? The latest craze in Hollywood. Don’t worry, kat Malaysia pun ada ok. Brought to you by Top Leaders Circle ok

Zumba Waist Training with Top Leaders Circle

Zumba Waist Training with Top Leaders Circle


For those who are not blessed with a body like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, good news ladies! You can now achieve (maybe not exactly) but hey a bit of curve is already good kan?

So what is Waist Training?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Training your waist to look slimmer. It is a gradual process of waist reduction using a waist cinching corset. What it gives you, is an instantly beautiful silhouette and gets rid of unwanted inches around your waits.

Benefits of waist training includes helping body to burn fat quicker and expels toxin. It also doubles as breast lift, pushing your boobies and putting them “in the right place”

To maximise waist training, of course one needs to include Healthy Diet and also EXERCISE !

Amber Rose and Kim K Waist Training

Amber Rose and Kim K Waist Training


Waist Training with Premium Beautiful

Waist Training with Premium Beautiful




A person’s body must become accustomed to the waist training program. Begin by wearing the corset 2-4 hours daily. Gradually add on an hour or two until your are able to wear the corset for at least 8 hours per day. Once your waist feels smaller, you can then begin to use the second set of clasps, making the corset more conforming to the body. And this goes on until you progress to smaller sizes and achieve the waist size that you desire.

Using Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

What PB waist nipper offers is the support for waist training. Take note that not all waist training corset out there can endure waist training process. With Premium Beautiful waist nipper, the spine and 7 alloy steel is carefully design to give your spine, the support needed while enduring waist training. It is also certified by 3 bodies of International Chiropractic Association and guarantees a comfortable yet sae usage for waist training.

Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

My friend, Amoi – Trying out the Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

Want to start Waist Training?

We organize weekly Zumba classes in Top Leaders Circle Center. Come and join us in our waist training party.

Waist Training Zumba


Be part of the Malaysian Waist Training movement!


Love Suraya SK

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Premium Beautiful Promotion


The rebate is back! One can’t miss this amazing Premium Beautiful promotion.

Rebate RM 150 for 1 full set.

Rebate RM 250 for 2 full sets. Share dengan 1 orang sahaja kawan. Best kan?

If 10 sets?? Rebate RM 1750!

So ladies, rugi kat if tak grab sekarang. It doesn’t matter la if you want to be a user, or a distributor, I’d say grab these 10 sets and the rebate NOW!


Luminez Brightening Skincare Set worth RM 522 for every 2 sets of Premium Beautiful (limited to the first 1000 customers)


Want to try Premium Beautfiul Corset? Thinking of trying Premium Beautiful Corset? Honestly, Premium Beautiful has given me the confidence that no other lingerie has given me 🙂

Love Suraya SK



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Premium Beautiful – Back Pain

Can wearing Premium Beautiful helps to lessen back pain? YES, definitely!

Premium Beautiful - Back Pain

Ha, mesti you all selalu tekan tekan pinggang macam ni kan?. For those yang ada back pain, don’t choose to live with it. You can actually have a better life quality and I will show you how.

Premium Beautiful’s Waist Nipper is equipped with 7 memory wires yang akan support our back bone, hence helping with back pain. This 7 wires will then aligned our back so that our posture is straight. The Far Infra Red (FIR) from the material pulak akan lancarkan blood circulation to our back. Plus Premium Beautiful diiktiraf dari chiropracters from US & Canada. Most of my customers’ yang ada back pain problem memang bagi positive feedback lepas pakai Premium Beautiful.


Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper with 7 memory wires

Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper with 7 memory wires


Premium Beautiful - Certified by American & Canadian Chiropractic Association

Premium Beautiful – Certified by American & Canadian Chiropractic Association


One of my friend works in the healthcare line. Tau la kalau kerja hospital, mesti sakit belakang. Especially nurses. (That’s why la nurses banyak yang pakai Premium Beautiful). My friend is an angiographer in IJN. Everytime kerja, she will have to wear lead shielding to protect from the radiation. Memang berat lah, kira macam pakai baju besi. So even dia kurus pun, she wears Premium Beautiful to work and it has done wonders for her. Now she can work and still feels good without back pain.

Lead shield worn by angiographers

Lead shield worn by angiographers

When I go to work pun, I sit on the chair for more than 5 hours straight, and lean myself to the patient. Sakit tau belakang! And I memang TAKKAN tinggal my Premium Beautiful set, cos I know, if I don’t wear it, I’ll end up with back pain.

Premium Beautiful - Back Pain02

This is how I sit for more than 5 hours straight!

Especially for mothers yang selalu dukung dukung baby, trust me, you will definitely LOVE our waist nipper. Memang sedap sangat pinggang ni, rasa macam diurut-urut.

And from my mentor herself, CDM Salha Zain : Continue Reading

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How to buy Premium Beautiful Corset

So how do you get your hands on Premium Beautiful corset? It is by far the most sought after corset in the market. With SUPERBRANDS, LIFETIME WARRANTY and FIR technology. From experience, I can say that Premium Beautiful is indeed the best of its kind.

Why does everyone need Premium Beautiful?
Because EACH and EVERY ONE of us wants to be HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, VOLUPTIOUS & YOUTHFUL. And some wants to earn BIG MONEY and wants to join the Premium Beautiful business.

Whatever the reason is, YOU have come to the RIGHT PLACE. Because this mummy wears Premium Beautiful, runs the Premium Beautiful business and is LOVING it.

Premium Beautiful Elegance & Premium Beautiful Elegance

Premium Beautiful Elegance & Premium Beautiful Classic


How to buy Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful brochure




All you need to do is to book your appointment now! Click here

Or you can click on the PINK Contact Me button on the left hand side and I’ll reply to your questions shortly


Instant Shaping

Instant Shaping 2

Instant Shaping 1

Love Suraya SK

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Lights, Camera, Premium Beautiful Action

The Queen Bees are organizing an exclusive ONE DAY event at Empire Soho.


So what’s happening?

Sign Up for RM 50 and ENJOY :
– Free makeup and hairstyling
– Free Premium Beautiful fitting. Instant reshaping. Everybody loves this!
– Free Photoshoot by professional photographer, ‘Shoot by Syafizul Abdullah’
– Shop with our vendors for beautiful clothes, children’s toys & clothes, etc.

List of Vendors :

Beautiful jewellery collection by ‘Jewellery Buys’

10375145_1491429124444842_441677088316440924_n1521771_1491429337778154_2819959772424899907_n 10177868_1491429257778162_2282818909413412704_n

Oh so cute baby stuff from ‘Munchkin_babyshop’

10538542_1491443341110087_8187909963225547791_n 10403375_1491443364443418_2142649902112328087_n


Adorable baby clothing by ‘Fun-sized’

10665110_1491444904443264_6836695458616477455_n 10665225_1491444894443265_2229694601653560967_n 10712959_1491444891109932_7947883532352216642_n

Beautiful Collection by Red Sash Couture Continue Reading

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Knowledge, Mentor, System & Action

Keys to a successful business

To have knowledge is like having your own power to do something. Pernah tak buat presentation about something that you are not sure of, compared to something yang you memang tahu inside out. That is the power of knowledge. Kalau tahu, memang confident kita cakap. All questions bak datang la orang kata. Answers at fingertips sahaja. In this business, knowledge is readily provided and shared by great people who have exprienced in first hand. Bukan setakat baca buku saja. Praktikal, demo, one to one session, semua ada.

This is like what Dr Azizan cakap. Having a mentor is actually really important for you to get your ass up and do something different in your life. As for Suraya, a mentor is my inspiration la orang kata. Because I’ve never had any experience in doing business. Adala dulu dulu jual nasi lemak dekat UIA..hehe. So memang padanlah, my mentor is Lynn Shukor, who runs her own family business and memang hebat pasal business. Tambah lagi pulak kak Salha yang memang sangat sangat helpful and if you duduk dekat dia, you will get her positive vibe. Aura yang baik gitu.

Inilah tools untuk business. Banyak betul yang available nowadays kan! Business at your fingertip. Omnipreneur. Anywhere, Anytime. There are sooo many platforms that you can buikd your business on. And on top of all that, mentor still akan guide you. Kak Salha selalu cakap, semua dah guide, dah suluh. Kita tinggal ikut je.

Great Leaders gives great input – Alfaath with Omnipreneur presentation

Last but not least,

Ni actually key element to all that is listed above. Takda orang yang boleh berubah melainkan diri dia mahu berubah. So with all the help that has been showered on to us, it depends, apa yang kita buat. Pendek kata, kalau tak buat apa-apa, maka tak jadilah apa-apa.

So there, 4 steps to be successful in business. Got all that checked? Not yet? Why don’t you check our group out. #TopLeadersCircle. We aim big. We dream big. We do BIG. And what’s more important is, we have a big heart. Call me 😉


Suraya SK

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Premium Beautiful & Bella Awards

Both are for women.

In conjuction with International Women’s day, we present to you Bella Awards – to celebrate, recognize and honour successful woman for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society.
With celebrities like Ronan Keating, Rossa, Maliq & D’essentials, Marcell, Joe Flizzow, gary Chaw & Mizz Nina to rock the stage, I am pretty sure it was a blastful event.

Actually Bella Awards ni, diilhamkan from rancangan Bella @ ntv7. Aired every Monday to Thursday at 11 am. It relates to all successfull women all background and history. So memang sesuai la when our famous CDM leader Hanis Haizi was featured in one of their slots.

Hanis Haizi on Bella @ ntv7 with Elaine Daly

I am proud to say that Hai-O marketing is the main sponsor for this award. And because of this, Premium Beautiful Corset and Luminez Skincare has received numerous coverage and we have received many many enquiries from the women out there.

“Popular dengan rangkaian produk kesihatan dan kecantikanHai-O berharap dapat mewakili sebuah transformasi dangan menggalakkan wanita secara keseluruhannya untuk menjalani kehidupan yang sihat dan tampil menawan. Menerusi produk utama yang terkenal seperti Premium Beautiful iaitu produk pembetukan badan dan rangkaian produk penjagaan kecantikan Luminez untuk memastikan wanita kelihatan menarik, ceria dan menjalani hidup yang lebih baik” kata Encik Tan Kai Hee, Pengarah Urusan Hai-O Marketing. 

And the winner for ‘Bella on stage’ award is none other than…DATO’ SITI NURHALIZA! I heart you dato’!

Bella on stage

For more photos for Bella Awards 2013, please click here :

Have fun !
Suraya SK

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SM/SSM award 2013

A beginning…

The first step :
Red skirt from Aunti Ani’s shop, Black top from Dorothy Perkins & Grey blazer from Vintage Vibes. Tudung is Mom’s collection & inner scarf is DIY lace yo’

Remember the saying ‘ A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’ ?. So here I am, receiving the award for having the courage to take the first step.

The award was filled with many many aspiring people, just like me, wanting to make changes. Wanting something extra out of their life. And I am happy that I have chosen this step. Having the courage to do so. Of course guided with great leaders and mentors. 
As featured in Salha Zain’s Instagram
Part of Queen Bee with CDM Salha Zain & CDM Jasmin Halim

CDM Aimi Natasha gave a speech on that day. She actually cried on stage while she was giving the speech. A speech on how she strive in the business. And I totally understand how it feels like. The reason behind this business. The need to do it. The willpower it takes to do it. Only YOU and YOUR reason can keep you going. And yes, I have my reasons.

A responsibility as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend. Memang sedih bila terpaksa spend half of the day outside, catering to others needs, when we are needed at home, to be with our family, our loved ones. And knowing that I will HAVE to do the same thing for the next 20 -30 years..scares me. Not everyone have the luxury to just quit their job. There are of course many things at stake. Medical, security, reposibilities…..Masya-Allah.
So with this step, I pray for the best. I pray for a lot of things, but more importantly I pray for time, quality time with my loved ones.
Salha Zain’s proteges

Her spirit, My inspiration.

Share with me your reason & make a difference in your life

                                                            010 2256224
                                                                or email
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My Story

Everytime nak jumpa client, mesti Suraya akan cerita my own experience while wearing Premium Beautiful. So rasanya baik terus share dekat sinilah.

First, my post pregnancy body, Alhamdullillah, sama macam pre pregnancy, if not, better. Ini sangat penting okay…untuk self confidence (especially for someone like me yang memang ada weight issues). Baju pun tak perlu beli baru.

Then, my problem sembelit hilang, vanish, nada. It’s funny but it’s true. The second day Suraya pakai PB, I can go to the loo naturally. Siapa yang ada masalah sembelit ni akan faham apa yang Suraya maksudkan. Punyala seksa ya masalah sembelit ni. Lagi-lagi lepas delivery.

As for breastfeeding moms, ini memang ramai yang akui, susu memang akan jadi banyak. Suraya selalu pump 2-3 ounces je per session. 2 days after pakai PB, my supply went up to 6 ounces. Dah tak cukup satu botol.

And I used to have side/back pain, cos of the way I sit while working. So far, no matter how busy work is, sampai 30 orang patient pun, I don’t have the side pain anymore.

This is how I sit at work.
 Cuma my chair takda tempat sandar.
 Imagine kalau 30 patient, memang rasa nak patah pinggang.

Miracle you say? I was quite surprised too at first. But after reading back the scientific facts of PB, then it make sense. We’ll go through the scientific facts next time ya!

In the meantime, those yang interested to try Premium Beautiful (with up to RM 400 rebate!) contact me

                                                              010 2256224
                                                                or email

P/s : Suami mesti akan puji. Kena cuba sendiri baru tahu 🙂

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GLAM has moved!

We moved to a bigger, nicer place in TTDI. It was awesome! Looking forward for more classes.

Taken from Salha Zain’s Instagram

Yours truly is cutting a delicious red velvet cake from A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly. Sinfully delicious! Gotta try them!

Anyway, was supercharged from this class. Imagine, a PRADA bag as a giveaway! Seriously….I never thought that would be possible. Well, GLAM is extraordinary. Filled with people who wants to make their life EXTRAORDINARY. It’s so inspiring to be with these people. To at least try and make a difference, rather than succumb to what life has in store for us. 
Join GLAM? Why not? Ask me how
                                                              012 – 2256224
                                                                   or email

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