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Ameda at work

For all the FTWM, I heart you..

For those yang memang full time kerja and breastfeeding, all I can say is, always REMEMBER, we ARE giving the BEST to our baby. Even at work. ada je orang yang tanya, apala Suraya susah-susah nak pump. Susu tin kan ada. Lagi-lagi kita kerja kat hospital, selalu je dapat susu free. My answer is always..tak apa, my milk is also free..hehe.

Memang sangat mencabar to keep up with the pumping schedule. By right. pump every 3 hours. But for those yang kerja at hospitals mesti faham, our time will be determined by patient flow. Selagi tak habis patient, selagi tu la kita tak free. So for me, kadang-kadang ter-stretch la sampai 4-5 hours. Pump pun dalam store. Tapi Suraya rasa agak untung, sebab just next to my room. For mothers yang kena pegi surau, other floors, mungkin agak susah kan.

Since my workplace is very busy, I can only pump twice at work. That was the very main reason why Suraya beli a double pumping electronic breast pump. To save time. I only allocate 10 minutes for pumping. And to date, I don’t keep many stocks of FBM for Hussein, only ada about 50 oz.

Every morning before work, I will feed Hussein. That will be around 8 am. Then at work, first pumping session should be at 11 am. Depends la..kalau sempat. If not around 12 pm. Pump for 10 minutes. I use the AMEDA LACTALINE dual pump. After 10 minutes, Suraya usually finish off with hand expression (Please make sure use the correct Marmet’s technique to avoid tissue injury)  So far, Alhamdullilah, every session akan dapat about 7-8 oz.

Mom’s Precious Cooler Bag
Yield on a good day! And tupperware tempat simpan pump parts
What’s good about Ameda pump ni is tak banyak parts nak cuci. Senang sangat nak assemble. After first session, simpan semua parts dalam tupperware and simpan dalam fridge, no need to wash. And then the next session will be 3 hours later. Usually around 2 – 3 pm. Just take the parts and assemble. Again another 10 minutes and finish off with hand expression. The pump, Suraya tak bawak balik pun. So I don’t have any issues of Ameda being bulky. Memang the purpose is just for pumping at work. To me, its great cos its fast and the yield pun OK. Tapi pump tu tak berat pun. Much smaller than a Spectra. Ad but of course tak boleh la nak compare dengan Medela Freestyle. Harga pun jauh lebih murah !

At home, I pump using my beloved Avent manual. I always opt for tandem pumping. I find that the yield is more. Suraya pump two or three times je kat rumah ; back from work, at night and early in the morning. To me, Insyallah walaupun tak banyak stock, my rotation is still sufficient.

For those looking for pumps, my advice is, always know what you want your pump to do. If you were to carry it around, if you want it to be small, if you need it to be fast..etc. But of course, if you have the budget apa salahnya splurge..hehe.

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