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FTWM. Not so fun eh?

Day 1 back at work.

0700 : Sedihnya, nak tinggal Hussein.
0800 : OK, need to pump at 11 am to stock up milk for Hussein.
0900 : Call Mak, check on Hussein.
1000 : Call Mak, check how many bottles Hussein minum.
1100 : Pump time! Simpan susu Hussein.
1200 : Scroll phone tengok gambar Hussein.
1300 : Lunchtime, Hussein tengah buat apa ya?
1400 : Pump time! (To fit in the 3 hour pumping schedule) to make sure susu Hussein cukup.
1500 : Call Mak, Hussein tidur ke? (Mak pesan, tak yah la call selalu)
1600 : Tell funny stories of Hussein to colleagues
1700 : Tak sabar jumpa Hussein!! AKLEH please

Yay!!!!! Dah dapat peluk Hussein!

OK. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow

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Goodbye 2012

A year that has totally changed me. A year that thought me patience, persistence and diligence. An eye opener and a start up for us. The best gift from Allah SWT. Motherhood is really something else. A journey full of surprises that I’ll definitely cherish. May 2013 make me wiser and a better servant.

Mama lovs you Hussein!
Partners, mentors, backbone..all in one
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Hussein’s Aqiqah

My boy is 2 months 🙂

I wanted to do it BIG! Of course la first son kan..Nak buat with the flowers, with the deco, with the candy buffet…

Lawa kan? But no, ours was not like this..

We had a simple, quiet, small scale aqiqah instead. Which I am happy with, no hustle and bustle. Ustaz Fadhil came and gave a tazkirah. A very good one indeed. Regarding how small babies should always be shielded from sihir ‘ain (mata). Ustaz did mention yang sihir ‘ain ni hadith dhaif, but he also adviced us to still take extra precaution.
Sihir ‘Ain comes from pandangan mata orang, sama ada pandangan yang tajam ataupun pandangan kekaguman. So it happens when somebody approaches the baby and compliments them:

“Comelnya baby”, “Putihnya baby”……etc, usually unintentional.

Baby yang terkena sihir ni, selalunya menangis non stop and refuse to drink milk. So it is best if all the compliments dilapik dengan kalimah-kalimah Allah…like:

“Subhanallah..comelnya baby”.

And it is best to read 3 Qul, Surah Al- Fatihah, Ayat Kursi dan surah Al-Nur (Ayat 35) untuk jauhkan dari sihir ‘ain.

Takut jugak bila dengar tazkirah ni. But we hope for the best and mintak Allah jauhkan lah anasir-anasir jahat dari bayi-bayi kecil. Tak sanggup rasanya tengok baby menangis lama-lama…

Hussein, Mama & Daddy
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Got Milk?

Maternity leave ending soon! Yikes
Hayden Christensen – Got Milk?

I need to start pumping!

Putting my Ameda at work. For the first few weeks, was only able to yield about 2 oz per session. Macam sikit kan,sebab tengok orang lain sampai 10 oz! So I start researching on ways to increase milk production.
There’s no such thing as dieting when breastfeeding. Haha all the more reason to enjoy food! Of course there are certain food that is known to add milk: ie fenugreek, beans, spinach. For me, lobak putih and kurma works. I guess anything rich in protein and iron is good. Tapi takkan nak makan lobak putih hari hari!
This means, we must tell our body that it needs to produce milk. Either by pumping or by direct latching. Of course if we can latch the baby directly it would be better. But in cases where baby can’t direct latch or when baby sleeps all day, we need to pump out the milk so that the body will fill up the breast with milk. Its DEMAND and SUPPLY analogy. It is recommended to empty the breasts at least once in 3 hours.


I learned this from a mommy in The Breastfeeding Advocate. At the end of the pumping session, when there’s no more milk, just lighly massage the nipple for about 30 seconds. This will trigger another let down. Then you can hand express your breast. This usually gives additional 2 oz for me.
Premium Beautiful Brasierre with the Far Infra Red also helps increase milk! And true enough, after consistently wearing the full set for one week, my milk production went up to 8 oz per session. I’m loving it!

Breast Fed is Best Fed

Still looking for ways to boost milk production? Try it and share it here 🙂

                                                                       010 2256224 
                                                                          or email

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Why cloth diapering?

Simply because it’s better..hehe
Of course if you don’t, that does not make you a lesser mother than those who cloth diaper their babies.
We’re all mothers, so let’s share the love ya?

Hussein in Lunatots. Good Malaysian made CD

I get a lot of people asking..kenapa you nak susah-susah pakai CD ni? Pakai buang je la..kan senang or..ish takde masa la nak basuh-basuh. tak sempat. Initially I had the same perception towards CD too. Tapi lepas research, memang tak susah nak berCD ni.

This is why I think it’s worth to give CD a shot.

1. It is COST saving. LIKE SERIOUSLY. I did the maths. For one year, we will spend about RM 1000 for disposable diaper. This is taking each diaper 60 cents and you use 5 diapers per day. Mahal kan? With RM 1000 tu, kita boleh beli berbelas CD yang good quality. And the plus point is, you get to REUSE them over and over again. So sekali saja initial investment.

2. Go GREEN. Ini just stating the obviouslah. Less trash, better environment.

3. Super Duper cute designs 🙂 At home, Hussein will be just a T shirt and his diaper. No pants. hehe

4. Medically proven to be better. Well, I did not encounter this. But most of CD moms that I know, started CDing because their little ones are allergic to DD. Say NO to diaper rash &  NO to irritable bottoms!

5. Easier to potty train. Apparently babies feel more uncomfortable, hence the learning to use the toilet becomes faster.

 I have to say it is NOT EASY at first. There were just too many terms, too many sizes, too many styles, and of course too LITTLE time. But Alhamdullillah with a lot of guides online we survived without disposable diapers.

Just a few pointers which i’d like to share, that I wish somebody has told me beforehand:
– A One Size (OS) cloth diaper is usually not suitable for newborns.
– Newborns are better off with prefolds and covers
– Some homemade CD’s are really good. My personal favourite is Maybel’s Closet.
– Do your research before using CD and of course you will still learn a lot of stuff along the way.
– Make sure your washing method is correct.
– Joing FSOT groups in FB. This is where you can get branded CD (Ittibitti, Charlie Banana, etc) for a slightly cheaper price
-Do invest in good diaper because the quality is really good 🙂

So tunggu apa lagi..mari berCD!

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Solat with Baby

Yes, as in actually dukung baby…

It was already 750 pm. Hussein was throwing tantrums the whole day. He refused to be put down. Everytime letak je, mesti ngangis. And boleh pulak nobody else was at home at that time. So i googled on how to pray with a baby. BAM. Boleh rupanya solat dukung baby. Islam kan agama yang mudah. Mesti ada rukhsah, cuma kita perlu cari dan fahamkan. Even di Mekah, tengok orang Arab semua siap ikat anak dia dengan tali (tapi yang ni tak tau la rukhsah ke idok ye). But my point is, there must be a way for everything because Islam is indeed our way of life.

Ini dia gaya solat dengan baby.
Mungkin ada yang masih was-was…Kalau tengok, kita tak perlu angkat takbir. Ini kena faham ya sebab kedudukan tangan memang takda dalam syarat sah sembahyang (5) or rukun sembahyang (13).
Ada juga hadis yang mengatakan Rasullullah SAW pernah dukung salah seorang cucunya semasa solat.
Tapi janganla suka-suka nak dukung baby pulak. Ini guna masa darurat saja ya!
Cuma just make sure, masa solat, baby free from najis. Kira tukar sajala diapers before solat.

Alhamdullillah, sekarang ni takda la nak terkejar-kejar waktu solat.

We learn something NEW everyday!

Hussein, motherhood

Cloth Diapering

OK. Im a noob when it comes to cloth diapers

Remember I told you i bought lots and lots of them. The whole lot finally arrived 2 days ago, and after prewash I was more than excited to let Hussein try them on. Sadly none of them fits his skinny legs :(. Even with the leg gusset, it is still longgar.
Fortunately i did buy one handmade NewBorn CD from Maybel’s Closet.(She had them on 45% discount!). So we’ve been repeating this CD on and on..hehehe. It’s pretty good I’d say. The downside is, it is made of cotton so it tends to get wet if left for a long time

So apa lagi SOS lah, terus join FB group #Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents. Where all the CD enthusiast of Malaysia gathers. It is amazing!! a post can easily get back about 30 comments ok! And they really spend their time analyzing each CD problems that arises and shares new found methods of cleaning CD, storing CD, etc etc. I was so happy i found that group!
I need to do a loooot of CD reading!
And for those of you who plan to ber CD, please read before you buy! 
Let’s save the environment!
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The Culprit

For the past 2 weeks, Hussein was having diarrhea, every 2-3 hours poo poo. And it results to him having loss of sleep and of course, when a baby in unhappy, AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY..
Stress nya..
I tried everything, minyak YuYee, minyak telon dan segala macam minyak. Ingatkan dia sakit perut sebab angin. Then at the end i figured out, it must be something that i eat, since he is fully breastfed. But seriously!, I have been eating rice,fish, vegetables and the occasional ayam kampung for the past 30 days! All grilled, NO oil, NO seasoning, NO cili, no NOTHING!


   My Lunch & Dinner sepanjang confinement
But it is actually a good thing that we are not allowed to eat many things during confinement. It sorts of make it easier to eliminate any food that may causes certain discomfort and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS..
Finally, after careful analysis of my food intake, I found out who the culprit is…..
Ye…I took it every morning untuk ganti Nescafe. So semenjak tidak minum Milo (ah rindu!)….Hussein tidak lagi poo poo sepanjang hari….
Yahoooo boleh tidur dengan aman.
So mommies, i would suggest you just look back at what you are actually eating because really, kesian anak kita tak pasal-pasal badan tak sedap. Kita memang tak rasa effectnya….
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NIP..what say you?

Nursing In Public (NIP)

I have always been an advocate of breastfeeding. It just never occur to me to feed any of my children with none other than Human Milk. But what I didn’t know is, it’s not easy to fully breastfeed your baby plus be a FTWM. It never occur to me that we need to pump, store, thaw blah blah. Perhaps i’ll do another entry on just this.

But what I’m more curious now is, how do you feed a baby when you go out? I have not had this problem yet, since masih dalam pantang (Day 30 and counting). So i googled and wallah, hebat rupanya issue NIP ni.
Apparently in September, in conjunction with World Milk Sharing Week, ada flash mob for breastfeeding mothers in KLCC. Twas organized by HM4HB, Malaysia. No, they did not flash their boobies out, but they did nurse their babies in public. Very gutsy and amazing indeed, please have a look:

What do you think of NIP?

I would have joined if I wasn’t 36 weeks pregnant then. The whole thing actually stirred a big controversy. Ada yang setuju, ada yang TAK setuju dengan NIP ni. I personally feel that, as long as everything is covered (maknanya takdalah ternampak benda-benda yang tak patut), it should be OK and allowed and acceptable by the public.

Heelllooooo, I got one hungry baby to feed, please don’t expect me berlari-lari ke nursing room yang kadang2 jauh berbatu. Tak dapat imagine nanti nak feed Hussein macamana, cos he is one impatient baby…

Hussein, motherhood

My Bundle of Joy

World, meet Hussein b. Mohd Hafiz..
Alhamdullillah, born on 16th of October 2012.
Motherhood clearly has thought me a LOT of things. Patience, for one.
And now the journey begins….

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