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Krabi Part 2

Now, let’s continue our journey…

After 2 nights in Phi Phi, we took the speedboat back to the mainland, Krabi. It’s totally different lah from Phi Phi. Dia lebih kurang macam Pantai Cenang kat Pulau Langkawi…much NICER, of course 🙂

We stayed at a really nice hotel, Vogue Resort & Spa at Aonang. Also booked from Agoda and at that time it was on promotion. I think we payed less than RM 200 / night. The room is supernice, memang suitable for honeymoon gitu.

View From the Front Door

4 poster bed
My favourite! The tub

I was quite upset that the room was not decorated as per honeymoon package – then I realized we did not inform them that we’re honeymooners. The good news is when I informed the front desk, they immediately decorated our room with rose petals and filled up the tub with roses, the next day of course. Ah..bliss..

Here, everybody got around with a motorbike. Good thing Hafiz knows how to ride one…hehe

I wanted the scooter…tapi motor kita yang dekat belakang tu..

Main Strip in Ao Nang

We visited the ‘pasar malam’ and we loooove the finger food. One of it is ‘roti stim’

Multiflavoured steamed bread

And of course the sinfully delicious Thai Pancake..

Encore! Thai Pancake

Since we already did the island hopping in Phi Phi, we decided not to do any water activities in Krabi. What we did was….

                                                            RIDE AN ELEPHANT !

It was a totally new experience for us! It was a one hour ride in the jungle and we both took turns to man the elephant.
Days in Krabi were spent crusing around on the motorbike and visiting historical places:
I must admit it was not easy navigating with a foreign map. But Alhamdulillah we made to most places..

Places to visit would be the :

Tiger Cave Temple – worth a visit but i have to warn you its a LONG walk up to see the temple, but the view is amazing.

Hot Water Spring –  I did not really enjoy it. Well, we got lost trying to find it and there were too many people

Emerald Pool – Entrance fees is 200 Baht. But you can only see. So jungle trek, see pool, turn back
Other than that, we enojyed the Krabi town and of course, the stretch of Aonang, which gets livelier at night..

honeymoon, travel

Krabi Part 1

Salam lovelies….

We honeymoooned in Krabi. Memang best! Rugi kalau tak pergi cos its so so so affordable.
We actually stayed in Phi Phi Island first for 2 nights, and then stayed in Krabi for 3 nights. I must say, it was an amazing experience and it is totally worth it. We did not take any packages tho, it’s all FREE n EASY 🙂

We stayed in Phi Phi Casita at first. Small resort like motel. But its clean and friendly. Wats good is it is situated at the end of Phi Phi. So we have to actually walk all the way, tak jauh pun dalam 20 minutes walk, then baru sampai hotel. Its super cheap too, around RM 100 per night, booked thru Agoda. (please note tht Phi Phi is more expensive than Krabi ya sebab dia island).

Hafiz and his favourite pose

Dekat Phi Phi yang mesti buat is their island hopping. Ini la Maya Bay yang famous tu (dalam cerita The Beach). It is MAGNIFICIENT. Island hopping whole day tour is about 400 baht.

Beautiful – nuff said

Apart from Maya Bay, there are also other stops where you can go snorkeling. It was our first time snorkeling, and kitorang dua je yang pakai life jacket dalam boat tu! mat saleh semua relax je snorkel…

So that was how we spent our first day…FULL DAY Island hopping. We didn’t get to see the sunset cos hujan renyai masa tu..
The second day was spent just lazing around and exploring Phi Phi..
Phi Phi in the morning

Poolside in Phi Phi Casita

Gotta have massage when ure in Thailand!

The famous Thai Pancake

And of course…Paad Thai..
Phi Phi ni banyak mat there are a lot of bars and clubs and during the weekends they’ll have street parties. So I would suggest for those who doesnt go clubbing you might wanna consider coming during weekdays, where there are lesser people, so you can santai all day…
And then we’re off to Krabi….
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