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Silent Killer…the remedy

Biozone Food Purifier.

Yes. Purify your food. Please. You wouldn’t know what is lurking under that fried chicken you are eating. Let’s face it. Not many of us go through all the trouble to eat organic food or ‘ayam kampung’. Kudos to all who does. But for those who doesn’t, don’t fret. This is why we need a Biozone Food Purifier. It purifies our food and get rids of the chemical, indigestible fatty acids, toxins and any form of contamination.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

 Fish being purified. Notice the bubbles are starting to form. *Caution : This is not air bubbles. This is strings of fatty acids that have been extracted from the fish.

A closer look at the fish and bubbles

After 30 minutes, more bubbles are formed

Side view of the fish and bubbles.

Then, we scoop the bubbles out

Burn it. But it doesn’t melt!

And it turned into this hard, foul smelling plasticky stuff.

And that, is what we consume everyday. Imagine all these being stuck at your intestine and there is no way it can be excreted out. And yet, we wonder why are there so many disease nowadays.

All photos are credited to our famous blogger, Fillanie at

Yes, kak Fillanie pun pakai Biozone okay!

Our top food blogger pun have reviewed Biozone. Check it out at

Also check out this video ya! Live demonstration of BioZone :

There are other uses of it too :
– sterilizing baby bottles
– having your own ozone bath
– freshens up the air at closed spaces

And those who already have diseases such as kidney problems, liver problems please please please purify your food by any means. For cancer patients also. Let’s try to reduce any form of damage to your body.

I personally think Biozone Food Purifier is a must have for all houses. Health is not something that you would want to compromise kan? When I see patient who is in their 20’s, 30’s with terminal illness, it breaks my heart. Turun naik hospital….And knowing most of the disease comes from food, it’s best that we try to prevent it ya.

Still doubtful? Just buzz me for demo & any enquiries. I would be glad  to help!


Suraya SK

010 2256224

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Stroke at 35

Impossible u say?

I can’t imagine how it must feel like too. Having a stroke at the age of 35. A patient of mine. When Suraya scan dia tadi, his wife was with him. And you can see wife dia serba kusut. Tak tahu nak buat apa, nak react macam mana. Suraya sendiri tak dapat bayangkan kalau jadi dekat Hafiz. 35 tu kira prime age, when your family is growing, anak-anak masih kecil, career is booming, baru nak stabilizekan segala benda. Then, BOOM. Stroke. Tentu terkejut dan tak disangka.
How does it happen? Well stroke happens when blood flow tak sampai ke brain. It can happen due to blood clot or burst of blood vessel. Usually people with high blood pressure ada risk yang lebih tinggi untuk dapat stroke. One of my colleague dulu, stroke lepas makan 3 biji durian. Memang killer betul durian ni. Some more orang yang ada diabetes, high cholesterol sepatutnya lebih berjaga-jaga. Anything can happen. Things are happening now, faster than you can imagine.
Memang boleh baik and get back to normal. Tapi it all takes time and of course patience. Bila tengok benda-benda macam ni jadi depan mata, barula kita tahu apa tu nikmat SIHAT. Baru kita akan bersyukur yang kita ni sihat dan takut sangat kalau Allah tarik nikmat ni. Tapi kita makan pun tak pernah jaga. Medical checkup pun tak pernah buat. Selalunya kita memang take for granted yang kita ni akan sihat sampai bila-bila.
So entry ni sebenarnya sebagai reminder to all of you and to me as well. Jaga kesihatan kita. Jaga nikmat ni sebab kita kena ingat, kita juga mungkin akan diuji macam ni…Suraya and family memang amalkan garam buluh untuk cuba kurangkan risiko dapat stroke.
Kalau nak try, boleh contact k.
                                                             012 – 2256224
                                                                   or email

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Garam Buluh

Yes, garam di dalam buluh.
Taken from Pantai Barat Korea di bawah Zon Perlindungan Udara, and ditanam dalam buluh untuk menyerap mineral dari tanah.

Takut kan, bile dengar pasal darah tinggi, kencing manis, sakit jantung. But in reality, our lifestyle memang menuju ke arah itu. Makan asal sedap. Kalau tak sedap mesti tak puas makan. And nak sedap kena la tambah garam kan? But the big problem is, garam sekarang banyak sangat yang tercemar dan bersifat asid.

Garam laut biasa 🙂

Oh no! Takkan tak boleh makan garam lagi? Bukan macam tu, but why not kita substitute ke garam yang lebih sihat dan berkhasiat. My family memang dah tukar garam dapur to garam buluh. Simply because it comes with sooo many benefits. Killer product sebenarnya di market, especially amongst the Chinese.

Apa yang istimewa garam buluh ni?
1) Tinggi dalam magnesium
* Mineral untuk jantung
* Membantu mengawal penyakit tekanan darah tinggi
* Membantu penyerapan kalsium
* Mengekalkan keseimbangan bendalir badan
* Mengawal pengecutan otot
* Menguatkan daya ingatan.

2) Menyeimbangkan pH badan supaya cenderung kepada beralkali lemah (pH darah badan yang sihat adalah antara 7.35-7.45). Sisitem imunisasi diperkuatkan dan dapat mencegah jangkitan penyakit.

3) Mengandungi kandungan mineral kalium, kalsium, besi, zink dan magnesium yang lebih tinggi daripada garam biasa. 

4) Kebolehan untuk menyingkir radikal bebas dan membuang toksin badan:
* Memperbaiki tubuh badan yang lemah
* Melambatkan proses penuaan

5) Menyembuhkan sel badan yang rosak dan mencegah pertumbuhan sel-sel yang tidak sihat.

6) 3 kali ganda lebih efektif daripada garam biasa untuk membasmi kuman dan mencegah kerosakan gigi.

Garam Buluh

And as for me, lepas pakai garam buluh, badan rasa sangat energetic dan ringan. Macam makan bahan organic gitu. And the best is, I don’t have to worry about darah tinggi ! Yay!

Rugi betul siapa yang tak pakai garam buluh kan?

So berminat untuk mencuba garam buluh?

Contact me for more info k..                 
                                                           010 2256224
                                                                or email


A little bit of yoga

A little bit of yoga & you don’t stop…

My friend and I used to do yoga at this place behind our house, Dance V me. And I gotta tell you after 1 month of doing it, my body felt stronger and more relaxed. From sun salutation, downward dog, cobra, planks and many more yoga poses. However we stopped, since the center starts cancelling classes and replacing them sesuka hati. It was very disheartening tho, cos I was really looking forward to the classes. So I looked around for classes around Ampang (it has to be in Ampang, otherwise we would be so demotivated to what happened to the gym last time), and I found 2 places that’s near our place. But they are wayyy above our budget. So we stopped…Of course there were attempts to do-your-own-yoga-at-home, but sadly it never worked.
So..come last week, surprise surprise, I found out one of my old friend is a yoga instructor herself. Imagine! being a yoga instructor! I would love to be one too! (I forgot to tell you our previous instructor is 50 years old but she looked 30). She actually went to India and got her certificates from there. Fancy! That’s another aspiring story for me. Work for your ownself and do what you like. Of course I can’t be going to India and taking yoga classes, but hey, I might one day :). But looking at her, I believe anything is possible. Trust the yogi in you..hehe

Just sharing what works for me, whenever stressed, I’ll do my favourtite yoga pose for 20 minutes, The “EXTENDED PUPPY” pose. Once in this position, concentrate on breathing in and out and relax the muscle.

When in stress, do this : Extended Puppy Pose

TRY it ! And share with me how you feel 🙂

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Shine bright like a diamond!

They say Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend..

Sorry Marilyn Monroe, I gotta disagree with you. The thing is, a BEST FRIEND is supposed to make you feel better. And what makes me feel better is knowing that I look good. Bukan nak tak suka diamond, hehe tipulahkan. But if given a choice, to look good or to have diamonds, I would choose to LOOK GOOD. Don’t we all?  And to look good, you gotta feel good. Remember how it feels like when you have a good hair day, a good face day..or a good anything day? Now, that’s what I feel when I wear my Premium Beautiful. Bonus is…I feel it everyday! Gotta wear it to feel it yo’


o0o0o0 Yeahh!!

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Goodies of Premium Beautiful

GLAM brochure for Premium Beuatiful

I believe it is indeed a GOOD investment, without pill, diet, surgery or injection. Well, sekarang cost of health bukan murah. Sekali masuk hospital, at least mesti ribu-ribu. So why not we invest in something that can lasts and plus ada LIFETIME WARRANTY lagi.

Benefits include :
1. Improve BLOOD circulation
2. Stabilize METABOLIC rate
3. SHAPE UP your body and give good posture
5. DETOXIFY body
8. Regulate PERIOD cycle and eliminate PERIOD pain
9. Prevent growth of CANCER cells
11. Help ladies to CONCEIVE
12. Reduce BACK PAIN

And the list is endless…I speak from my very own experience and also the people around me.

                         Let’s experience your journey with Premium Beautiful & share it with me
                                                           Call/text/whatsapp – 010 2256224
                                                                      or email

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Premium Beautiful – DO’s

Dah beli PB? 

Tapi masih ada rasa ada benda tak kena?
Mesti ada yang silap kat mana-mana tu….
Cuba tengok PB Do’s ni…
1. Mesti pakai AT LEAST 8 jam sehari
2. Sila basuh tangan – no washing machine, dry clean, hantar dobi
3. Basuh guna liqiud soap ie: Dynamo, Soflan, etc. Please do not bleach!
4. Jangan jemur PB di tengah panas. Memadai jemur PB dalam rumah. Lagi bagus jika lap lap dengan towel dan keringkan bawah kipas.
5. Untuk yang memang nak dapat body yang vogue de vass, kenalah pakai FULL SET. This is because PB akan distribute lemak-lemak kita ke tempat yang sepatutnya ke SELURUH badan. 
6. Last sekali, mestilah pakai dengan CONSISTENT. Jangan macam chipsmore, kejap ada kejap takda. Insyaallah, 2 bulan pakai PB, akan SANGAT nampak hasilnya.
Barulah boleh jadi begini….
Scarlett Johanson pun pakai corset ye..
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Premium Beautiful – Tips

Everybody loves Tips

Tak kira la…while exams, working yada yada. Tips untuk skor A, tips semasa interview, segalanya tips lah. Yang paling best for us ladies. semestinya TIPS UNTUK CEPAT KURUS..Wahhh berebut untuk tengok kan. Tipu lah kalau kata tak suka…

It’s the same with Premium Beautiful. You can love it, wear it and follow these TIPS to achieve MAXIMUM results ok 🙂

1. Drink plenty of plain water.
    Since PB get rids of toxin in our body, we may go to toilet more often. So drink more water and body can get rid of toxin faster.

2. Wash PB once every 2 days.
Because PB absorbs our sweat, with the toxic. Washing helps clean PB and ultimately perform better.

3. After washing, dab your P.B using a towel to help it dry faster and leave it under a fan. Better if you have air-conditioning turned on. It should be dry after a few hours. If it doesn’t, switch the fan on or get a new fan.

4. Take body measurements before and after using P.B this helps you notice the changes in body measurement accurately. Taking pictures also helps. Pakai phone camera je..

5. Be patient, 1st time wearers of P.B may not be used to the feeling of a full body undergarment for the first few days or even weeks. Like a lot of things, it takes time to get used to it. For me, seminggu pakai, lepas tu baru selesa. Jadi jangan putus asa.

6. Don’t expect miracles! Wearing P.B doesn’t protect you from infectious disease ya. It assists your body’s immune system and promotes better health NOT IMMUNITY or IMMORTALITY!

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My First Day Out

44 days of Confinement…DONE!

Was so excited to jalan-jalan and of course bring the little one out. Tapi yang paling excited is actually masa nak try balik baju BEFORE pregnant. Baju yang dah 9 months tak pakai. Adakah masih muat….Seriously, I’ve heard and seen so many people who still have to wear their maternity clothes even months after habis pantang. Especially maternity pants. hehe. It’s comfortable they say..

Yours Truly – Sorry muka terlebih excited

                                            VOILA——- Old jeans, Old shirt, NEW me!
Was so HAPPY lepas try baju. Everything is back to normal, if not better, after 3 weeks of Premium Beautiful..hehehe. OK lets go out!

Still wearing your maternity jeans?
Want to wear your normal jeans again?

Contact me for more info :                    010 2256224
                                                                or email

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Why cloth diapering?

Simply because it’s better..hehe
Of course if you don’t, that does not make you a lesser mother than those who cloth diaper their babies.
We’re all mothers, so let’s share the love ya?

Hussein in Lunatots. Good Malaysian made CD

I get a lot of people asking..kenapa you nak susah-susah pakai CD ni? Pakai buang je la..kan senang or..ish takde masa la nak basuh-basuh. tak sempat. Initially I had the same perception towards CD too. Tapi lepas research, memang tak susah nak berCD ni.

This is why I think it’s worth to give CD a shot.

1. It is COST saving. LIKE SERIOUSLY. I did the maths. For one year, we will spend about RM 1000 for disposable diaper. This is taking each diaper 60 cents and you use 5 diapers per day. Mahal kan? With RM 1000 tu, kita boleh beli berbelas CD yang good quality. And the plus point is, you get to REUSE them over and over again. So sekali saja initial investment.

2. Go GREEN. Ini just stating the obviouslah. Less trash, better environment.

3. Super Duper cute designs 🙂 At home, Hussein will be just a T shirt and his diaper. No pants. hehe

4. Medically proven to be better. Well, I did not encounter this. But most of CD moms that I know, started CDing because their little ones are allergic to DD. Say NO to diaper rash &  NO to irritable bottoms!

5. Easier to potty train. Apparently babies feel more uncomfortable, hence the learning to use the toilet becomes faster.

 I have to say it is NOT EASY at first. There were just too many terms, too many sizes, too many styles, and of course too LITTLE time. But Alhamdullillah with a lot of guides online we survived without disposable diapers.

Just a few pointers which i’d like to share, that I wish somebody has told me beforehand:
– A One Size (OS) cloth diaper is usually not suitable for newborns.
– Newborns are better off with prefolds and covers
– Some homemade CD’s are really good. My personal favourite is Maybel’s Closet.
– Do your research before using CD and of course you will still learn a lot of stuff along the way.
– Make sure your washing method is correct.
– Joing FSOT groups in FB. This is where you can get branded CD (Ittibitti, Charlie Banana, etc) for a slightly cheaper price
-Do invest in good diaper because the quality is really good 🙂

So tunggu apa lagi..mari berCD!

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