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We love cakes!

Cakes. Cakes. Cakes

Finding good cakes is really hard! Don’t you think so? Cake yang paling frustrating would be cake yang LAWA tapi tak sedap. Indah rupa dari rasa. Ini memang top spoiler. So here I would like to share my top three cake stop. Ada banyak actually, but let’s not get too ambitious.. Hehe

The Mille Crepe Cake by Food Foundry (at Happy Mansion, PJ)

I first tasted these lovelies during my aunt’s raya gathering. It was super delicious that I think I had like 3 slices. So light & full of flavour! The name itself means millions of crepe. But seriously, it is just awesome. Imagine having something creamy running down your throat and the taste lingers. Woooh. Ever since then, whenever we have dinner party, we’ll get this cake from Food Foundry. My personal favourite is vanilla. There are other flavours tho, chocolate & strawberry. But vanilla is the best !

Chocolate Mille Crepe by Food Foundry

The Chocolate Cheese by A Slice of Heaven (at The Terrace, Ampang)

Actually I love all! the cupcakes by them. I bought them for Lynn Shukor’s birthday a couple of years back. A must try for chocolate lovers. Masa tu macam..watttt!!! Why your cupcakes is 10 bux each? Kalau beli 10, dah macam beli whole cake. Tapi bila rasa, baru justify the price. Worth the money. And The Terrace is also a nice place to chill in the evening, gossip with the girls or just read a book and enjoy your cuppa. They also have outlets at other places. Do check it out 🙂

Chocolate Cheese by A Slice of Heaven

Trianon cake by Le Trianon (at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara)

The Royal cake of French. Like seriously. It was given as a gift from the ever so generous Jasmin Halim to my lovely sister, Lynn Shukor. But Lynn decided it was too sinful for her to keep it by herself so she brought over some to us. I was so glad she did! Sedapnya..sampai Suraya sorok sikit dalam fridge. Hehe. The texture is superb. Made of Belgian chocolate, and then got like crunchy texture in every bite. Whatever it is, you gotta try this cake.

Trianon cake by Le Trianon

There you go. 3 of my favourite cake place.

But my favourite favourite favourite cake of all, would be butter cupcakes by my ever so talented friend Haniza Hisham of Serada Cakehouse. Buttercakes that melt in your mouth and can stay soft for more than a day! Can’t wait for her to bake again. Check her out guys!

Where’s your favourite cake stop?..Share your cake stories here…

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