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Fynn Jamal part 2

Since I havent wrote for long sooooo long.. I figure its only fitting that I start from where I left off..Yes, post last ku was about Fynn Jamal. How I just started to follow her. And the reason why I like her. Mind you, bukanlah obses tentang dia, tapi suka dengan penulisan dan juga follow dia di IG and Facebook. And I just heard she sang…memang sedap sangat suara Fynn.

For those yang still tak tahu, Fynn juga ada organize adoption cases for bayi yang memerlukan tempat tinggal. Humanitarian effort macam ni memang Suraya sangat salute and I truly feel you need to have a BIG heart, to be called to do something like this.



Anyway, what called me to write about her again is the fact that she’s back here! In Malaysia. And banyak sangat talk show yang panggil dia sekarang, dari MHI ke WHI. So Goodluck Fynn. Goodluck with your album. Goodluck with your journey.

Dalam pada tu…ada jugak haters haters yang tak berapa nak difahami…

But bila baca…tak ada pulak nampak macam benci..more like on the justification why Fynn is doing what she does.

and the best part is…I love her answer, cos like her, I truly dont see anything negative inside the writing, apart from the title..

fynn 1


To me..moral of the story…sometimes its just impossible to make everyone happy, so baik happykan diri kita sendiri 🙂

More updates to come love!

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