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Tips berpantang

I nak share sikit tips tips yang I amalkan for pantang and I truly feels it helps.
But this is for mommies yang deliver normal ya.  I dulu 2nd degree tear. I wasnt very strict with my pantang but I try to be strict for the first seven days, to make sure jahitan cepat sembuh.
Alhamdulillah, after 7 days, I memang dah boleh resume housework semua.

1. Jangan banyak jalan.
Ni sangat sangat penting. Memang rasa beza sangat kalau you duduk diam diam dan you banyak jalan. Untuk yang duduk rumah besar, place everything within your surrounding. Macam I, air, ubat, baju dan segala yang nak pakai, I letak dekat satu tempat je. So no need nak jalan jauh-jauh. Duduk pun jarang la, I banyak baring mengiring. One week saja hehe.. tahan sikit.

2. Air your ‘down there’ for at least 15 mins
Usually after mandi, just anginkan your private part for awhile. Bukan la pergi kat kipas angin, but no need to wear underwear or pad sekejap. Biar luka tu bernafas sikit.

3. Do all these traditional stuff. Tungku. Tangas. Urut
Buat jangan tak buat. Tangas and tungku especially I rasa sangat sangat la bagus. Kalau nak save duit, can buy the DIY and buat sendiri at home. But I don’t recommend, unless ada orang yang boleh tolong you nak angkut air etc. The normal urut usually tak include tangas. Even my makcik urut charge extra for tangas :(.

Cara tangas

This is how tangas is. Basically wap from water is aired to your private part. If you buy the DIY packet, just put the packet, put hot water and arrange something like this. Image courtesy of Google


 4. Pakai bengkung.

For me, i mmg tak kuasa nak paksi bengkung traditional tu. Pakai 1-2 jam, dah longgar. I mmg sarung Premium Beautiful je you. Nak back in shape punys pasal, hari ketiga dah pakai. Memang sedap sangat rasa and perut pun cepat sikit kempis. After pantang dah boleh sarung balik baju lama. Weehuuu!

5. Pakai socks, or at least tidur pakai selimut
Sometimes sejuk sejuk ni cepat sangat rasa masuk dlm urat.I memang pemalas yer nak pakai socks, Tapi at least masa tidur kena pakai. Kalau tak badan rasa macam sebu and angin semacam.

6. Makanan.
I think this one ikut orang. But i avoided Continue Reading

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My First Day Out

44 days of Confinement…DONE!

Was so excited to jalan-jalan and of course bring the little one out. Tapi yang paling excited is actually masa nak try balik baju BEFORE pregnant. Baju yang dah 9 months tak pakai. Adakah masih muat….Seriously, I’ve heard and seen so many people who still have to wear their maternity clothes even months after habis pantang. Especially maternity pants. hehe. It’s comfortable they say..

Yours Truly – Sorry muka terlebih excited

                                            VOILA——- Old jeans, Old shirt, NEW me!
Was so HAPPY lepas try baju. Everything is back to normal, if not better, after 3 weeks of Premium Beautiful..hehehe. OK lets go out!

Still wearing your maternity jeans?
Want to wear your normal jeans again?

Contact me for more info :                    010 2256224
                                                                or email

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The Culprit

For the past 2 weeks, Hussein was having diarrhea, every 2-3 hours poo poo. And it results to him having loss of sleep and of course, when a baby in unhappy, AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY..
Stress nya..
I tried everything, minyak YuYee, minyak telon dan segala macam minyak. Ingatkan dia sakit perut sebab angin. Then at the end i figured out, it must be something that i eat, since he is fully breastfed. But seriously!, I have been eating rice,fish, vegetables and the occasional ayam kampung for the past 30 days! All grilled, NO oil, NO seasoning, NO cili, no NOTHING!


   My Lunch & Dinner sepanjang confinement
But it is actually a good thing that we are not allowed to eat many things during confinement. It sorts of make it easier to eliminate any food that may causes certain discomfort and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS..
Finally, after careful analysis of my food intake, I found out who the culprit is…..
Ye…I took it every morning untuk ganti Nescafe. So semenjak tidak minum Milo (ah rindu!)….Hussein tidak lagi poo poo sepanjang hari….
Yahoooo boleh tidur dengan aman.
So mommies, i would suggest you just look back at what you are actually eating because really, kesian anak kita tak pasal-pasal badan tak sedap. Kita memang tak rasa effectnya….
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Getting My Sexy Back

Yes, I’m bringing sexy back.DEFINITELY.

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, I thought I looked my worst. Hey it was not easy to feel sexy if your walk turns to a waddle. But was I WRONG! 
Really, the EXACT time that a woman would hit rockbottom at being sexy would be…..during her confinement!
Looking in the bathroom mirror, clad in kain batik, grey-faced and bleary eyed (still overweight), with milk and blood plus exhaustion seeping from every orifice…now that is BAD….I remember telling myself, relax, everything will be better tomorrow…but did not.

Want to know what did?!?!

A corset

Amidst all the urut and the bengkung and the tangas and the tungku, I really don’t think any woman can feel sexy during her confinement period.But one thing that did make me feel sexy, was my PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset. I still remember how I felt when i first wore it…I felt GOOD. For the first time during my confinement, I felt sexy, confident, and HAPPY

Now why don’t you try it and give me your two pence 🙂

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Online Retail Therapy

I need to do something!..

….or else I’ll end up broke….
My favorite pastime throughout this confinement period is buying things online.For those who does not buy things online, I have to tell you, it is one ADDICTIVE hobby. A big thanks to one smartphone and a gazillion webpages, i have manage to buy 3 breastpumps (definitely more than what I need!), hundreds of cloth diapers for Hussein, clothes for moi, multiple groupon vouchers and the list goes on…..

It’s funny how easy it is to shop online as oppose to actually going to shop, seeing something in front of your eyes, feel it and actually paying for it with your own hands. For someone who does even own a credit card, it is definitely an overwhelming experience. But it make you feel good, real good…….

It makes you feel that you have actually accomplished something..hehehehe

And as for me, shopping online is made better via Facebook. Heck, there abundance of them!
My very own favourite would be the FSOTs. For Sale or Trade groups. Here, (mostly mommies) sell of preloved or new things at a good price. Highly recommended ! But of course you need to do your own research prior to buying. I am, hands itching to buy more cloth diapers…but I gotta give my bank account some rest. So I blog instead..

End of confinement..please come quik!!

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Confinement Lady

Confinement lady AKA Makcik Urut AKA Tok Bidan….

Prior to my delivery I want through many many manyyyyyy sites looking for a reasonable Makcik Urut. Apparently they aren’t cheap. Of course..since they are highly sought after.I nak yang tradisional punya, but the problem is makcik-makcik ni either kita kena pergi tempat dia or we hav to pick them up. Ada jugak yang datang tapi mintak kita bayar tambang teksi!

Anyway i would like to share my experience with my makcik urut, well she’s actually KAK INTAN.

Got her number from one of the mommies,

And i have to agree with her memang urut dengan Kak Intan ni best. She’s very professional and yang paling best, her rate is reasonable. I find it reasonable lah setelah meng – comparekan dengan tukar urut lain yang dah di google. And some more dia boleh datang dan balik sendiri. Tak perlu untuk pickup. 

Kak Intan ni, first impression memang dah best cos badan dia sendiri pun macam anak dara eventhough umur dah dekat 50 tahun. Once dia datang, dia akan terus urut. Urut dia pun best cos minyak dia wangi. After urut she will tangas, tungku and last sekali lulur. Lepas tu sementara kita mandi, dia akan mandikan baby. Ya ‘Allah, lepas dia mandikan Hussein, nampak Hussein ceria sangat!! Agaknya I mandikan tak best kot. Even I felt much better lepas servis Kak Intan. So energizing. I think it was the tangas kot.

But dia takda provide servis lain lah : ie: masak, kemas kemas. And availability dia pun agak terhad sebab dia ni tersangatlah busy!! Nasib baik I book cepat…hehe.

Dan lagi satu Kak Intan ni memang banyak bercerita so tak boring la masa dia urut tu. Dia pun akan bagi barut untuk baby and bengkung untuk Mak baby 🙂. p/s: bengkung tu sangat menyakitkan hati untuk dipakai, tapi kesannnya memang gempak!

Siapa yang berminat bolehlah contact Kak Intan 017-244 0195 & 017-245 6937. 

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