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What choice do we have?

A question that has kept me going.

There was this one time, when I had to drive alone to Mutiara Damansara. Siapa yang kenal Suraya memang tahu yang my navigation skill sangat sangat sangat la teruk. And I ended up lost ntah ke mana. But the funny thing is…I kept going the opposite direction, HOPING that it will become the correct direction. Terus je ke depan, padahal the correct way was for me to just stop and make a U-turn. That’s when I realize, in life we tend to take the same approach. We know..we are in the wrong direction..but we keep going, HOPING that it will one day miraculously bring you to your destination. If you all fikir macam ni…hentikanla angan-angan tu. Just STOP. ANALYZE. Turn.

Ramai orang tanya, kenapa I beriya buat business ni?  Tak sayang ke masa yang tak dapat spend dengan family sekarang ni? Tak kesian ke anak you tak banyak masa dengan you? You tak penat ke buat semua ni? and of course yang paling favourite is…Tak cukup ke gaji yang dapat sekarang ni?

To be honest, at first I too was questioning myself, why am I doing all these. Balik kerja, penat..baik tengok TV je..lepak dengan family. Weekend boleh main-main dengan anak I, keluar shopping dengan husband I. Gaji memang cukup. Lebih dari cukup sebenarnya.

Tapi pernah tak kita realize, kita kerja teruk macamana pun, gaji kita still banyak tu. Mungkin la dapat overtime yang tak seberapa. I’m not being greedy. I’m talking about having a sense of self-value. You spend nearly 10  hours everyday away from your home just so that you earn a piece of cheque..yang by the end of the month will be gone.

And so we sit, and think…where did this go wrong. Betul ke hidup ni patut macam ni? Patut ke kita kerja and gaji tu memang patut habis every month? How about savings then? People say, diversify la..put in ASB, put in Mutual fund. Memang boleh save…berjanggut la nak tunggu..hehe

Semua orang sedia maklum. Kerja makan gaji takkan kaya. TIDAK AKAN. That’s a fact. Bukan cerita penglipurlara. And when we say is your own definition of what rich is. Being rich for me is not about owning 20 Chanel bags (although that doesn’t hurt 😉 ). Kaya to me is just to have enough for my family, my son, my mom, my dad & hubbs to live comfortably without being robbed of our time together. And I feel that that is achieveable.

Tapi eventhough i say all these, I still kerja makan gaji. Sebab kita TAKUT. Kalau tak makan gaji, takut nanti makan pasir. hehe. Bukan perlu terus membabi buta berhenti kerja. Kena ada plan, kena ada system, kena ada strategy. Yang penting, tengok apa mentor you buat. Jika dia berjaya…InsyAllah you pun akan berjaya..

And it all goes back to the question..

What choice do we have?


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Knowledge, Mentor, System & Action

Keys to a successful business

To have knowledge is like having your own power to do something. Pernah tak buat presentation about something that you are not sure of, compared to something yang you memang tahu inside out. That is the power of knowledge. Kalau tahu, memang confident kita cakap. All questions bak datang la orang kata. Answers at fingertips sahaja. In this business, knowledge is readily provided and shared by great people who have exprienced in first hand. Bukan setakat baca buku saja. Praktikal, demo, one to one session, semua ada.

This is like what Dr Azizan cakap. Having a mentor is actually really important for you to get your ass up and do something different in your life. As for Suraya, a mentor is my inspiration la orang kata. Because I’ve never had any experience in doing business. Adala dulu dulu jual nasi lemak dekat UIA..hehe. So memang padanlah, my mentor is Lynn Shukor, who runs her own family business and memang hebat pasal business. Tambah lagi pulak kak Salha yang memang sangat sangat helpful and if you duduk dekat dia, you will get her positive vibe. Aura yang baik gitu.

Inilah tools untuk business. Banyak betul yang available nowadays kan! Business at your fingertip. Omnipreneur. Anywhere, Anytime. There are sooo many platforms that you can buikd your business on. And on top of all that, mentor still akan guide you. Kak Salha selalu cakap, semua dah guide, dah suluh. Kita tinggal ikut je.

Great Leaders gives great input – Alfaath with Omnipreneur presentation

Last but not least,

Ni actually key element to all that is listed above. Takda orang yang boleh berubah melainkan diri dia mahu berubah. So with all the help that has been showered on to us, it depends, apa yang kita buat. Pendek kata, kalau tak buat apa-apa, maka tak jadilah apa-apa.

So there, 4 steps to be successful in business. Got all that checked? Not yet? Why don’t you check our group out. #TopLeadersCircle. We aim big. We dream big. We do BIG. And what’s more important is, we have a big heart. Call me 😉


Suraya SK

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Second Income

Everyone needs it.

Well, if you are already earning a 5-6 figure income then you may not need to read my entire entry. This entry is dedicated to those, young couple (perasan sikit muda) like me, who is STILL trying to make ends meet. Kalau dulu parents advice, study hard, get a good job. Dulu boleh la buat macam ni. Tapi sekarang..hmmm macam dah tak relevant.
Sekarang semua orang cari second income. Semua mata dah terbuka. Kenapa?

Sebab cost of living sangatlah tinggi
Sebab increment gaji setiap tahun sangat sikit
Sebab harga rumah dah menjadi ridiculous
Sebab kalau masuk hospital u need at least 10k. (I am not kidding, I work in a hospital)
Sebab duit EPF takkan dapat tampung hidup masa tua kita
Sebab kita tak cukup duit langsung untuk buat savings

Ini tak termasuk yang untuk beli handbag, untuk travel, untuk bagi parents, untuk belanja kawan, untuk birthday present….

Jadi, haruslah ada sikit side income. Macam mana nak buat side income? Sangat busy la katakan..Enter the correct channel. There’s no such thing as ‘Skim Cepat Kaya’. Kalau ada semua orang dah jadi kaya. But there is, a smart way to try and generate second income. An income that can help you do a little bit of difference in your life. A smart way where everything that you do will be guided and mentored. Where your steps will be monitored by experienced onces. A way where your time will be optimized rather than wasted. And that is the way that I am venturing in. I’ve tasted my second income and it FELT awesome. The feeling that I can make a difference is GREAT.

Just a little reminder

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SM/SSM award 2013

A beginning…

The first step :
Red skirt from Aunti Ani’s shop, Black top from Dorothy Perkins & Grey blazer from Vintage Vibes. Tudung is Mom’s collection & inner scarf is DIY lace yo’

Remember the saying ‘ A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’ ?. So here I am, receiving the award for having the courage to take the first step.

The award was filled with many many aspiring people, just like me, wanting to make changes. Wanting something extra out of their life. And I am happy that I have chosen this step. Having the courage to do so. Of course guided with great leaders and mentors. 
As featured in Salha Zain’s Instagram
Part of Queen Bee with CDM Salha Zain & CDM Jasmin Halim

CDM Aimi Natasha gave a speech on that day. She actually cried on stage while she was giving the speech. A speech on how she strive in the business. And I totally understand how it feels like. The reason behind this business. The need to do it. The willpower it takes to do it. Only YOU and YOUR reason can keep you going. And yes, I have my reasons.

A responsibility as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend. Memang sedih bila terpaksa spend half of the day outside, catering to others needs, when we are needed at home, to be with our family, our loved ones. And knowing that I will HAVE to do the same thing for the next 20 -30 years..scares me. Not everyone have the luxury to just quit their job. There are of course many things at stake. Medical, security, reposibilities…..Masya-Allah.
So with this step, I pray for the best. I pray for a lot of things, but more importantly I pray for time, quality time with my loved ones.
Salha Zain’s proteges

Her spirit, My inspiration.

Share with me your reason & make a difference in your life

                                                            010 2256224
                                                                or email
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My Story

Everytime nak jumpa client, mesti Suraya akan cerita my own experience while wearing Premium Beautiful. So rasanya baik terus share dekat sinilah.

First, my post pregnancy body, Alhamdullillah, sama macam pre pregnancy, if not, better. Ini sangat penting okay…untuk self confidence (especially for someone like me yang memang ada weight issues). Baju pun tak perlu beli baru.

Then, my problem sembelit hilang, vanish, nada. It’s funny but it’s true. The second day Suraya pakai PB, I can go to the loo naturally. Siapa yang ada masalah sembelit ni akan faham apa yang Suraya maksudkan. Punyala seksa ya masalah sembelit ni. Lagi-lagi lepas delivery.

As for breastfeeding moms, ini memang ramai yang akui, susu memang akan jadi banyak. Suraya selalu pump 2-3 ounces je per session. 2 days after pakai PB, my supply went up to 6 ounces. Dah tak cukup satu botol.

And I used to have side/back pain, cos of the way I sit while working. So far, no matter how busy work is, sampai 30 orang patient pun, I don’t have the side pain anymore.

This is how I sit at work.
 Cuma my chair takda tempat sandar.
 Imagine kalau 30 patient, memang rasa nak patah pinggang.

Miracle you say? I was quite surprised too at first. But after reading back the scientific facts of PB, then it make sense. We’ll go through the scientific facts next time ya!

In the meantime, those yang interested to try Premium Beautiful (with up to RM 400 rebate!) contact me

                                                              010 2256224
                                                                or email

P/s : Suami mesti akan puji. Kena cuba sendiri baru tahu 🙂

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Garam Buluh

Yes, garam di dalam buluh.
Taken from Pantai Barat Korea di bawah Zon Perlindungan Udara, and ditanam dalam buluh untuk menyerap mineral dari tanah.

Takut kan, bile dengar pasal darah tinggi, kencing manis, sakit jantung. But in reality, our lifestyle memang menuju ke arah itu. Makan asal sedap. Kalau tak sedap mesti tak puas makan. And nak sedap kena la tambah garam kan? But the big problem is, garam sekarang banyak sangat yang tercemar dan bersifat asid.

Garam laut biasa 🙂

Oh no! Takkan tak boleh makan garam lagi? Bukan macam tu, but why not kita substitute ke garam yang lebih sihat dan berkhasiat. My family memang dah tukar garam dapur to garam buluh. Simply because it comes with sooo many benefits. Killer product sebenarnya di market, especially amongst the Chinese.

Apa yang istimewa garam buluh ni?
1) Tinggi dalam magnesium
* Mineral untuk jantung
* Membantu mengawal penyakit tekanan darah tinggi
* Membantu penyerapan kalsium
* Mengekalkan keseimbangan bendalir badan
* Mengawal pengecutan otot
* Menguatkan daya ingatan.

2) Menyeimbangkan pH badan supaya cenderung kepada beralkali lemah (pH darah badan yang sihat adalah antara 7.35-7.45). Sisitem imunisasi diperkuatkan dan dapat mencegah jangkitan penyakit.

3) Mengandungi kandungan mineral kalium, kalsium, besi, zink dan magnesium yang lebih tinggi daripada garam biasa. 

4) Kebolehan untuk menyingkir radikal bebas dan membuang toksin badan:
* Memperbaiki tubuh badan yang lemah
* Melambatkan proses penuaan

5) Menyembuhkan sel badan yang rosak dan mencegah pertumbuhan sel-sel yang tidak sihat.

6) 3 kali ganda lebih efektif daripada garam biasa untuk membasmi kuman dan mencegah kerosakan gigi.

Garam Buluh

And as for me, lepas pakai garam buluh, badan rasa sangat energetic dan ringan. Macam makan bahan organic gitu. And the best is, I don’t have to worry about darah tinggi ! Yay!

Rugi betul siapa yang tak pakai garam buluh kan?

So berminat untuk mencuba garam buluh?

Contact me for more info k..                 
                                                           010 2256224
                                                                or email

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Goodbye 2012

A year that has totally changed me. A year that thought me patience, persistence and diligence. An eye opener and a start up for us. The best gift from Allah SWT. Motherhood is really something else. A journey full of surprises that I’ll definitely cherish. May 2013 make me wiser and a better servant.

Mama lovs you Hussein!
Partners, mentors, backbone..all in one
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Shine bright like a diamond!

They say Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend..

Sorry Marilyn Monroe, I gotta disagree with you. The thing is, a BEST FRIEND is supposed to make you feel better. And what makes me feel better is knowing that I look good. Bukan nak tak suka diamond, hehe tipulahkan. But if given a choice, to look good or to have diamonds, I would choose to LOOK GOOD. Don’t we all?  And to look good, you gotta feel good. Remember how it feels like when you have a good hair day, a good face day..or a good anything day? Now, that’s what I feel when I wear my Premium Beautiful. Bonus is…I feel it everyday! Gotta wear it to feel it yo’


o0o0o0 Yeahh!!

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GLAM has moved!

We moved to a bigger, nicer place in TTDI. It was awesome! Looking forward for more classes.

Taken from Salha Zain’s Instagram

Yours truly is cutting a delicious red velvet cake from A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly. Sinfully delicious! Gotta try them!

Anyway, was supercharged from this class. Imagine, a PRADA bag as a giveaway! Seriously….I never thought that would be possible. Well, GLAM is extraordinary. Filled with people who wants to make their life EXTRAORDINARY. It’s so inspiring to be with these people. To at least try and make a difference, rather than succumb to what life has in store for us. 
Join GLAM? Why not? Ask me how
                                                              012 – 2256224
                                                                   or email

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Premium Beautiful : Duplicating Your Success

Yes. Duplicate is the key word.

Ramai je orang yang selalu tanya..macamana nak berjaya. Macamana nak kurus. Macamana nak begitu begini. Jawabnya mestilah tiru apa orang yang berjaya tu buat.

So, macamana nak jadi macam Hanis Haizi and Salha Zain? Previously housewives turned successful enterprenur with 6 FIGURES INCOME per month. Kena la tiru apa yang diorang dah buat. Cos obviously whatever that they did WORKED.

Salha Zain                                                                  Haniz Haizi

How to follow them? First kenalah BUANG JAUH JAUH alasan-alasan ke tepi. Set your heart and your mind and just GO. Sebab hanya diri kita sendiri yang boleh ubah diri kita.

And that is why Suraya join G.L.A.M. Be in the right group, with the right mentor. InsyaAllah jika niat kita baik, semuanya akan berjalan lancar.
Remember the saying : Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll still be amongst the stars.
How to be in G.L.A.M?                     
                                                             Call me at 010-2256224
                                                                        or email

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