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Ameda at work

For all the FTWM, I heart you..

For those yang memang full time kerja and breastfeeding, all I can say is, always REMEMBER, we ARE giving the BEST to our baby. Even at work. ada je orang yang tanya, apala Suraya susah-susah nak pump. Susu tin kan ada. Lagi-lagi kita kerja kat hospital, selalu je dapat susu free. My answer is always..tak apa, my milk is also free..hehe.

Memang sangat mencabar to keep up with the pumping schedule. By right. pump every 3 hours. But for those yang kerja at hospitals mesti faham, our time will be determined by patient flow. Selagi tak habis patient, selagi tu la kita tak free. So for me, kadang-kadang ter-stretch la sampai 4-5 hours. Pump pun dalam store. Tapi Suraya rasa agak untung, sebab just next to my room. For mothers yang kena pegi surau, other floors, mungkin agak susah kan.

Since my workplace is very busy, I can only pump twice at work. That was the very main reason why Suraya beli a double pumping electronic breast pump. To save time. I only allocate 10 minutes for pumping. And to date, I don’t keep many stocks of FBM for Hussein, only ada about 50 oz.

Every morning before work, I will feed Hussein. That will be around 8 am. Then at work, first pumping session should be at 11 am. Depends la..kalau sempat. If not around 12 pm. Pump for 10 minutes. I use the AMEDA LACTALINE dual pump. After 10 minutes, Suraya usually finish off with hand expression (Please make sure use the correct Marmet’s technique to avoid tissue injury)  So far, Alhamdullilah, every session akan dapat about 7-8 oz.

Mom’s Precious Cooler Bag
Yield on a good day! And tupperware tempat simpan pump parts
What’s good about Ameda pump ni is tak banyak parts nak cuci. Senang sangat nak assemble. After first session, simpan semua parts dalam tupperware and simpan dalam fridge, no need to wash. And then the next session will be 3 hours later. Usually around 2 – 3 pm. Just take the parts and assemble. Again another 10 minutes and finish off with hand expression. The pump, Suraya tak bawak balik pun. So I don’t have any issues of Ameda being bulky. Memang the purpose is just for pumping at work. To me, its great cos its fast and the yield pun OK. Tapi pump tu tak berat pun. Much smaller than a Spectra. Ad but of course tak boleh la nak compare dengan Medela Freestyle. Harga pun jauh lebih murah !

At home, I pump using my beloved Avent manual. I always opt for tandem pumping. I find that the yield is more. Suraya pump two or three times je kat rumah ; back from work, at night and early in the morning. To me, Insyallah walaupun tak banyak stock, my rotation is still sufficient.

For those looking for pumps, my advice is, always know what you want your pump to do. If you were to carry it around, if you want it to be small, if you need it to be fast..etc. But of course, if you have the budget apa salahnya splurge..hehe.

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My Story

Everytime nak jumpa client, mesti Suraya akan cerita my own experience while wearing Premium Beautiful. So rasanya baik terus share dekat sinilah.

First, my post pregnancy body, Alhamdullillah, sama macam pre pregnancy, if not, better. Ini sangat penting okay…untuk self confidence (especially for someone like me yang memang ada weight issues). Baju pun tak perlu beli baru.

Then, my problem sembelit hilang, vanish, nada. It’s funny but it’s true. The second day Suraya pakai PB, I can go to the loo naturally. Siapa yang ada masalah sembelit ni akan faham apa yang Suraya maksudkan. Punyala seksa ya masalah sembelit ni. Lagi-lagi lepas delivery.

As for breastfeeding moms, ini memang ramai yang akui, susu memang akan jadi banyak. Suraya selalu pump 2-3 ounces je per session. 2 days after pakai PB, my supply went up to 6 ounces. Dah tak cukup satu botol.

And I used to have side/back pain, cos of the way I sit while working. So far, no matter how busy work is, sampai 30 orang patient pun, I don’t have the side pain anymore.

This is how I sit at work.
 Cuma my chair takda tempat sandar.
 Imagine kalau 30 patient, memang rasa nak patah pinggang.

Miracle you say? I was quite surprised too at first. But after reading back the scientific facts of PB, then it make sense. We’ll go through the scientific facts next time ya!

In the meantime, those yang interested to try Premium Beautiful (with up to RM 400 rebate!) contact me

                                                              010 2256224
                                                                or email

P/s : Suami mesti akan puji. Kena cuba sendiri baru tahu 🙂

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Got Milk?

Maternity leave ending soon! Yikes
Hayden Christensen – Got Milk?

I need to start pumping!

Putting my Ameda at work. For the first few weeks, was only able to yield about 2 oz per session. Macam sikit kan,sebab tengok orang lain sampai 10 oz! So I start researching on ways to increase milk production.
There’s no such thing as dieting when breastfeeding. Haha all the more reason to enjoy food! Of course there are certain food that is known to add milk: ie fenugreek, beans, spinach. For me, lobak putih and kurma works. I guess anything rich in protein and iron is good. Tapi takkan nak makan lobak putih hari hari!
This means, we must tell our body that it needs to produce milk. Either by pumping or by direct latching. Of course if we can latch the baby directly it would be better. But in cases where baby can’t direct latch or when baby sleeps all day, we need to pump out the milk so that the body will fill up the breast with milk. Its DEMAND and SUPPLY analogy. It is recommended to empty the breasts at least once in 3 hours.


I learned this from a mommy in The Breastfeeding Advocate. At the end of the pumping session, when there’s no more milk, just lighly massage the nipple for about 30 seconds. This will trigger another let down. Then you can hand express your breast. This usually gives additional 2 oz for me.
Premium Beautiful Brasierre with the Far Infra Red also helps increase milk! And true enough, after consistently wearing the full set for one week, my milk production went up to 8 oz per session. I’m loving it!

Breast Fed is Best Fed

Still looking for ways to boost milk production? Try it and share it here 🙂

                                                                       010 2256224 
                                                                          or email


Review on Ameda breast pump


I have received my Ameda last week. However it has not been properly utilized yet, since belum start kerja ya..belum diguna untuk heavy duty. But I must say I’m quite pleased with this pump. Mechanism yang sangat simple dan tak banyak parts yang nak kena basuh. Tapi kena careful ya, make sure tubing dia tak basah masa guna, takut nanti backflow ke machine. Tubing tu tak perlu basuh pun actually sebab tak kena apa2. Yang perlu basuh hanya the diaphragm, valve dan flange.

So apa yang best pasal pump ni?

For those who are looking for a RELIABLE, double electric breast pump and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg, I would recommend this pump.The best thing about this pump is its ‘closed’ system. It means the milk tak masuk dalam tube and it does not have any contact with air. Hence the milk is pure and the risk of contamination is a lot lesser.And because of this, parts yg basuh pun kurang and possibility untuk ada kulat dalam tube pun kurang.

Faktor kulat ni sangat penting sebab most mothers yang guna ‘open’ system tak perasan yang dalam motor dia tu ada kulat. Jadi silalah godek-godek mesin anda. A true story that I’ve heard is for medela PISA. So make sure for PISA u open then face panel, takut ada kulat Of course this only applies for pam yang sudah lama, or pam yang pinjam.

My New Toy!

There are other pumps yang guna ‘closed’ system ni, ie: Avent ISIS iQ Duo, tapi yang ni tak mampu beli…
Jadi setakat ni memang berpuas hati, nanti bila dah start kerja kita tengok macam mana performance heavy duty nya ya! But so far most review kata bagus untuk heavy duty. You can read more on ‘open’ & ‘closed’ system here.

Hopefully this breastfeeding journey goes well. Nervous sangat nak pump masa kerja nanti…

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NIP..what say you?

Nursing In Public (NIP)

I have always been an advocate of breastfeeding. It just never occur to me to feed any of my children with none other than Human Milk. But what I didn’t know is, it’s not easy to fully breastfeed your baby plus be a FTWM. It never occur to me that we need to pump, store, thaw blah blah. Perhaps i’ll do another entry on just this.

But what I’m more curious now is, how do you feed a baby when you go out? I have not had this problem yet, since masih dalam pantang (Day 30 and counting). So i googled and wallah, hebat rupanya issue NIP ni.
Apparently in September, in conjunction with World Milk Sharing Week, ada flash mob for breastfeeding mothers in KLCC. Twas organized by HM4HB, Malaysia. No, they did not flash their boobies out, but they did nurse their babies in public. Very gutsy and amazing indeed, please have a look:

What do you think of NIP?

I would have joined if I wasn’t 36 weeks pregnant then. The whole thing actually stirred a big controversy. Ada yang setuju, ada yang TAK setuju dengan NIP ni. I personally feel that, as long as everything is covered (maknanya takdalah ternampak benda-benda yang tak patut), it should be OK and allowed and acceptable by the public.

Heelllooooo, I got one hungry baby to feed, please don’t expect me berlari-lari ke nursing room yang kadang2 jauh berbatu. Tak dapat imagine nanti nak feed Hussein macamana, cos he is one impatient baby…

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The Breastfeeding Journey

All i can say is, after 16 days struggling, i SALUTE all those mommies yang berjaya breastfed their babies. Tak kira lah, 6 months ke, 12 months or how many many months pun.


Tapi, as long as kita nekad kita NAK BREASTFEED, Insyaallah akan dipermudahkan jalannya…
My breastfeeding journey was quite a rocky one i would say. For the first 14 days, Hussein was not able to latch on properly. Jaundice was about to kick in, so in a panic state, i bottle feed him with EBM. Engorgement was also an issue. A big thanx to a loaned Avent manual breast pump from my SIL.
During that 14 days, i immersed in a lot of reading, join support groups and even consulted some lactation consultant. And mothers, all these really helps. Please join breastfeeding support groups as you can link with other mommies who have the same problem. I joined the :
The Breastfeeding Advocates Network
Kumpulan Ibu Menyusu Badan

And as for lactation consultant, saya cuba from dua website, and also They provide house visits. Yg from susuibu tu its RM 80 per hour.
Ada juga yang certified lactation consultant, but they are Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors.
Yang ni adalah volunteers, so I only got advice thru the phone. But they also do house calls kalau tak silap.
WAH..boleh bayangkan tak betapa tak senang duduknya dalam dua minggu tu, dok mencari apa lagi yang tak kena.
But Alhamdullillah, at day 14, Hussein made a perfect latch on, which lasted for more than 15 minutes and that was the best moment I can ever imagined. Hilang segala risau…..
So the moral is, it takes practice,practice & practice. Like what the pediatrician said….“Give the fella a break la, dia baru saja keluar, u can’t expect him to know everything..”
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Why Breastfeeding Rocks!!

AND…its true

Research has shown that breastfeeding gives a lot of benefits to us, MOMS as well, eg:

  • Lowers risk of cancer, diabetes and many other diseases
  • Its a  natural birth control. Tak perlu lagi makan Yasmin..
  • Its..PERCUMA! siapa yang tak suka benda free..hihihi
  • Its, easy. No need to wash, sterilize, warm up
  • Ini paling best. It helps u lose weight!!
  • Helps u bond with your baby
  • Lowers stress level
  • Better birth recovery
  • You know you are giving the best to your baby, best nutrition, best immune system…

The Search for Breast Pump

Now that i’m at 35 weeks of gestation, i really think i NEED to buy a breast pump. As a working mother, obviously my choice would be a double electric one. bonus if it can be used manually too. So far the shorlisted breast pumps are (not in any particular order) :

1. Ameda Lactaline aka Ameda Purely Yours (as it is known outside Asia) – RM 799
    (package with cooler bag, icepack & storage bottle)
    So far good review,
    I find the shape a bit weird tho.


2. Ardo Calypso – RM 878
    (package with cooler bag, icepack & storage bottle)
    It’s a bit bulky, shape wise better than ameda. Can’t find many reviews, but yang ada semua kata it’s      good.

3. Medela Freestyle – price ranging from RM 1450 – RM 1800, depending whether ure getting the switz or the uk/us set. (comes with its own cooler bag and milk storage)
Best review so far from mommies, but i find it weird that most shops will not reccommend you to take. Mostly due to its noise and level of suction. hmmmm

4. Philips Avent Twins Electronic – not many shops have this, its about RM 1000+
(comes with its own cooler bag and milk storage)
 The review is not so good, albeit the service center is great. Most people complain about it being broken after first few usage. But i guess some people used it without encountering any problems. and the plus point is it can also be used manually.

5. Rumble Tuff Duo – RM 388
Cheapest of all! considering its dual, can use electric or battery and can also be used manually. So far the review is good, however since its new, there are no review about its aftersales service.

So far yang paaaaling murah, are packages offered by of course this does not include stand alone blogger yang lain ya. stand alone blogger u can get medela fs cheaper, however the guarantee will not be from lactaequip malaysia. Guarantee will be from the shop itself.

Note that Medela FS & Rumble Tuff uses the same mechanism hence louder the noise as compared to Ameda & Ardo Calypso which has very very minimal sound.

I guess ill be going to enjoybreastfeed next week to try out the pumps! yes u can only try once ure 36 weeks! Good luck choosing your pumps!

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