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The Fabulous Mum’s Handbook

This helps, if you wanna get your groove back 🙂
I love this book, cos it concentrates about us, mothers.
How to handle things, how to keep your sanity, and how to best care for your little one..
It is really ‘The perfect survival guide for mums everywhere’

Grace Saunders, the author, used to work with Elle magazine and is now a freelance writer for national papers and various parenting magazine. She shared her own experience and also contibutions from others or different topics. 
Topics covered are : Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Style, Home & living space, Work-life balance and Sex & relationships
Packed with solutions on everyday questions, daily recipes and how one cope with having kids, as a stay at home/full time working mom.
Oh and it’s pro breastfeeding too!
“Being a mum is a life-changing and life-enhancing experience, but it’s also an incredibly overwhelming one. It’s crucial for us mums to think about ourselves and find that balance of adapting to a new life while retaining bits of our old identity. To give you life an overhaul, to pinpoint what it is that isn’t quite working and to turn things around can sound like an overwhelming task, but with only a little effort and some commitment, I promise you can get some of your old life back, you can feel good in your skin and can start to feel truly fabulous” , Grace Saunders
Isn’t that what we all need. A little bit of our old life back to retain our sanity 🙂
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