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Tips berpantang

I nak share sikit tips tips yang I amalkan for pantang and I truly feels it helps.
But this is for mommies yang deliver normal ya.  I dulu 2nd degree tear. I wasnt very strict with my pantang but I try to be strict for the first seven days, to make sure jahitan cepat sembuh.
Alhamdulillah, after 7 days, I memang dah boleh resume housework semua.

1. Jangan banyak jalan.
Ni sangat sangat penting. Memang rasa beza sangat kalau you duduk diam diam dan you banyak jalan. Untuk yang duduk rumah besar, place everything within your surrounding. Macam I, air, ubat, baju dan segala yang nak pakai, I letak dekat satu tempat je. So no need nak jalan jauh-jauh. Duduk pun jarang la, I banyak baring mengiring. One week saja hehe.. tahan sikit.

2. Air your ‘down there’ for at least 15 mins
Usually after mandi, just anginkan your private part for awhile. Bukan la pergi kat kipas angin, but no need to wear underwear or pad sekejap. Biar luka tu bernafas sikit.

3. Do all these traditional stuff. Tungku. Tangas. Urut
Buat jangan tak buat. Tangas and tungku especially I rasa sangat sangat la bagus. Kalau nak save duit, can buy the DIY and buat sendiri at home. But I don’t recommend, unless ada orang yang boleh tolong you nak angkut air etc. The normal urut usually tak include tangas. Even my makcik urut charge extra for tangas :(.

Cara tangas

This is how tangas is. Basically wap from water is aired to your private part. If you buy the DIY packet, just put the packet, put hot water and arrange something like this. Image courtesy of Google


 4. Pakai bengkung.

For me, i mmg tak kuasa nak paksi bengkung traditional tu. Pakai 1-2 jam, dah longgar. I mmg sarung Premium Beautiful je you. Nak back in shape punys pasal, hari ketiga dah pakai. Memang sedap sangat rasa and perut pun cepat sikit kempis. After pantang dah boleh sarung balik baju lama. Weehuuu!

5. Pakai socks, or at least tidur pakai selimut
Sometimes sejuk sejuk ni cepat sangat rasa masuk dlm urat.I memang pemalas yer nak pakai socks, Tapi at least masa tidur kena pakai. Kalau tak badan rasa macam sebu and angin semacam.

6. Makanan.
I think this one ikut orang. But i avoided Continue Reading

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Deliver in Ampang Puteri with Dr Marsita Mansor

For our second baby, we chose hospital yang paling dekat dengan rumah. Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. The delivery package seems quite reasonable:

KPJ Ampang Puteri-Maternity Package

Maternity Package in Ampang Puteri

I chose Dr. Marsita Mansor cos I thought she was the only female gynecologist. Taktau pulak Dr. Marsita ni fofular! And tak tau pulak Ampang Puteri ada 4 female gynea! There is Dr Fauziah (she is very busy – the obgyn for Rozita Che Wan), Dr. Ariza and Dr. Zalina.

Anyway, Dr Marsita has her own clinic in Taman Melati.

Klinik Pakar Wanita Medina
No. 67, Jalan Melati Utama 4, Melati Utama, Setapak, Wilayah Persekutuan 53100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-4106 6990

Yang best pasal Dr Marsita ni, even when you dah berjanggut tunggu dia kat luar, once you see her, all your anger akan hilang. She just have that kind of presence yang macam mak mak gitu. Plus point is, she always advice to have natural birth. No epidural, no induce.
However, she’s only a visiting doctor in Ampang Puteri, not in house. Her clinic is only open on Tuesdays in Ampang Puteri. Other days, you need to go to her clinic to see her. So usually if you want to be admitted, she will ask you to go to her clinic first to make sure its not false alarm.
But considering our house is nearer to Ampang Puteri, we decided not to go and just wait for our next appointment with her there. Alhamdullilah masa jumpa dia I was already 5 cm dilated and they pushed me straight to labour room.

In the labour room
After dah get ready (pass motion, on CTG), I mintak nak walk around in the room , to speed up the contraction. Masa dah 7-8 cm tu baru start rasa contraction. And it was really coming on so I told the nurse I think I’m ready. But she said jangan push lagi..its not the time yet. Tunggu punya tunggu..and the contraction is becoming unbearable and I can already feel the urge to push. It really feels like you want to pass motion (sorryla dulu amik epidural, so tak rasa apa-apa) but the dr. still tak sampai. Ughhhh. Frustnya masa tu. But I gotta say the nurse was really really helpful. She asked me to lie sideways to reduce the urge. And she even stick her hand inside down there to make sure I dont push. The gas helps too 🙂 Oh the gas….sedut like crazy ok!
Once dr sampai je, sekali push…brrrrr…terus baby keluar. I think I was already crowning when she walked into the room. Second push, I could feel the placenta coming out. The nurse straightaway put the baby to my breast to breastfeed. It felt so good to feel the uterus contracting…
And seriously, jahit lepas bersalin is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more irritating than giving birth itself. The jahit took a while cos she was pushing out blood clots. Twas a 2nd degree tear. But overall I was just thankful that baby was healthy and everything went smoothly.It took us almost 6 hours to get a room. Ampang Puteri kan selalu jer full. Even then, the only room available was the 2 bedded room. Belasah je la. Baby memang room in sekali. No complaints on the service tho. But if I can give advice, it will be :

Continue Reading


Lotus Birth

A few days ago,someone shared to me about Lotus Birth. To be honest, I was quite shocked and also unimpressed. WHY would anyone want to do that?? It basically means we don’t cut off the umbilical cord afterbirth and leave the placenta until it separates naturally from pusat baby. Which means you will have your baby with the placenta for about a few days. Hmmm……

So I read about it.

Scientifically it is believed that the placenta, after being expelled will be of no use to the baby anymore. However in lotus birth it is believed that leaving the placenta to die off naturally allows for complete transfusion of blood and antibodies to the baby. This protects the baby from anemia and maximizes the immune system. Also  lotus birth practitioners prefers a completely natural setting and the cutting off the cord is deemed cruel.

The placenta, while still attached to the baby will then be cleaned and embalmed. Some process includes putting salt, essential oil and also herb to naturalize the smell and also for antibacterial purpose.

lotus birth

That’s a cute plassie bag!

Personally I kind of like the idea of having a ‘cruel-free’ birth. And also having the placenta attached would mean less chance of having baby being passed around and having fewer visitors (hehe). And looking at it from Islamic point of view Continue Reading

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Lights, Camera, Premium Beautiful Action

The Queen Bees are organizing an exclusive ONE DAY event at Empire Soho.


So what’s happening?

Sign Up for RM 50 and ENJOY :
– Free makeup and hairstyling
– Free Premium Beautiful fitting. Instant reshaping. Everybody loves this!
– Free Photoshoot by professional photographer, ‘Shoot by Syafizul Abdullah’
– Shop with our vendors for beautiful clothes, children’s toys & clothes, etc.

List of Vendors :

Beautiful jewellery collection by ‘Jewellery Buys’

10375145_1491429124444842_441677088316440924_n1521771_1491429337778154_2819959772424899907_n 10177868_1491429257778162_2282818909413412704_n

Oh so cute baby stuff from ‘Munchkin_babyshop’

10538542_1491443341110087_8187909963225547791_n 10403375_1491443364443418_2142649902112328087_n


Adorable baby clothing by ‘Fun-sized’

10665110_1491444904443264_6836695458616477455_n 10665225_1491444894443265_2229694601653560967_n 10712959_1491444891109932_7947883532352216642_n

Beautiful Collection by Red Sash Couture Continue Reading

BB plus Collagen

Kebaikan BB Plus Collagen

Sejak jadi tokey BB Plus Collagen ni, ramai yang tanya apa yang best sangat collagen ni? To me memang sangat sangat best because muka I nampak ada natural glow gitu..And I look sooooo much better in photos.

bb plus

Towkey baru balik stokis

Kebaikan BB plus ni  termasuklah :
– Buat nampak muda 🙂
– Collagen dapat kurangkan sakit lutut
– Selamat untuk ibu hamil dan menyusu
– Lelaki pun boleh minum, sedap bahan semua natural dan tak mempengaruhi hormon
– Rasa blackcurrant
– Easy to mix
– Sangat bagus untuk atasi sembelit. Kira 2 dalam 1
– Harga sangat berbaloi dengan kesan 3R (repair, rebuild n renew)
Pada yang baru lepas deliver, memang sarankan sangat sangat untuk minum BB plus ni sebab kebaikan dia sekaligus untuk cantik, sembelit dan juga stretch marks.
#sayapakai #sayajual
Love Suraya SK


3d4d scan, Ultrasound

3D4D Scan in Ampang

Hi Lovelies!

For those yang nak buat 3D4D scan or detail scan for baby, I am based in Klinik Fauziah, Ampang. Ni address Klinik Fauziah ya :

Klinik Fauziah & Rakan-rakan
No.15 Psn Desa Ampang Taman Sri Ampang 68000 Ampang Selangor, Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, 68000

Dekat Klinik Fauziah ni ada a few sonographers. Slot Suraya hari Selasa. So for hari Selasa boleh walk in atau nak buat appointment pun boleh call clinic ya. Dia first come first serve. I suggest call clinic dulu so waiting time tak lama 🙂

3D4D klinik Fauziah

Pakej 3D/4D at Klinik Fauziah is RM 120 and mommies akan dapat gambar colour, report dan CD (ada banyak gambar and video). Suraya suggest for 3D4D kandungan about 24 weeks – 33 weeks. Kalau kurang pun boleh, cuma time tu baby masih kecil lagi. And kalau lebih pun boleh cuma sometimes baby agak besar so quality gambar may not be as nice.

Detail Scan is RM 150. Yang ni untuk tengok tumbesaran baby. Basically kita tengok jantung, spine, and everything untuk rule our any genetic anomalies. Untuk detail scan kita buat starting from 18 weeks – 24 weeks.

Pakej untuk dua-dua sekali is RM 220 but buat at the same time ya 🙂

See you there!

3d4d scan, Ultrasound

3D4D Scan

What actually is 3D4D ultrasound ni?

For pregnant ladies, mestila best sangat nak buat 3D4D ultrasound ni kan?Ni la time nak tengok baby gerak, gelak, ketawa, menguap. And it is much much clearer than your normal black and white image (2D) that you usually get when you do checkups kan 🙂

I explain sikit ya about 3D4D ultrasound. 3D is of course, it is 3 dimensional. You boleh tengok exactly macamana position baby and boleh nak tengok hidung mancung ka..bibir tebal ka…yang 4D pulak is the additional dimention of time. Maknanya boleh tengok sekali pergerakan baby masa tengah scan tu. Sometimes baby gelak, nangis, senyum etc. Most ultrasound sekarang memang dah boleh buat semua ni.

3d4d scan baby

Done in Klinik Fauziah, Ampang

Cute kan? hehe. Ini bukan baby Suraya ye. Ni baby yang I scan. I’m a freelance sonographer 🙂

But jangan ingat scan yang hitam putih tu tak penting ye. That 2D scan is actually more important that this one.

Mummies yang teringin nak scan 3D/4D ni boleh call I or call klinik ya. For now we are based in Cheras and Ampang.

Poliklinik Seri Mas, Cheras : 03-91736790

Klinik Fauziah, Ampang : 03-42927917

Suraya : 010-2256224

Have fun looking at your baby !



Life Advices

I just thought I’d share this with you guys. Throughout my..*ehem* 30 years of life…there were many advices that actually made a turning point in my life. Advices that I really think made me think and gave me the much needed support that I was looking for.

So here goes…

“No matter how angry you are with each other, get the matter over with before you sleep at night. Never carry the anger to bed as it will get worse the next day”
 – this uncle, on my wedding day

“Buat je. Nak tunggu ready nak sembahyang..nak pakai tudung..takkan rasa ready. If you do it everyday..Insyallah one day hidayah tu mesti akan datang,
 – MasMona, my uni roommate

“Even you if fail today, that does not mean you are not going to be a successful person”
                                                                               -my lecturer, when I failed my postgrad exam

“Kalau tak berani tak kemana”
                                -my brother

“Babies cry. That’s how they Continue Reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Ayah is prolly the best Dad anyone can ask for. He was my role model and WHENEVER there was something that I dont know, I can always ask him. And he will always come up with the correct answer. Imagine, people coming up to you..and say, “Suraya, you father is a very good man”. I bangga sangat.

Once when I was in secondary school, we had to draw out a map. I memang buta seni and it took me forever nak lukis. Ayah then taught me how to scale the map and draw according to the scale. And the other time in uni when I had to give a talk on “Dasar Ekonomi Baru”, all I had to do was give him a call and copied out all his points.

He was the toolman, the gardener and the housekeeper. Pipe rosak, ayah fix. Kerusi patah pun ayah fix. There was one time when I bought a DIY study table and gave up after 3 hours of trying to assemble. Ayah buat tak sampai 15 minit.

Sensible would be his middle name. From kecik kita tak pernah lavish, but he would spend money on books and educational items. I remembered when he bought the encyclopedia set for thousands of ringgit, we all thought that was just crazy. Turns out that encyclopedia serves us well over the years.

Because of him, I learnt many things. From piano lessons, to computer to sewing to tennis to swimming. Amazing. I owe it all to him. Imagine having a rock that you can always count on. When I wanted to bail out from my supposedly ‘scholarship’ agreement, he just write up a check the next day. Tak tanya banyak. Tak tanya pun macamana I nak bayar dia balik. (Tapi i dah bayar balik ok).

So one day, when he just changed, it was really a hard slap on my face. He became withdrawn, quiet, lazy, sad, sensitive and he doesnt even go out from the house. Imagine, having your solid rock for 27 years of your life..and one day it just disappeared.

The first year that he changed, I didn’t take it too well. Selalu sangat marah dia. I just couldn’t understand. Like why cant he just go out and buy food for himself. And why can’t he drive my mom around. Why cant he make decisions for us anymore. WHY WHY WHY! And i just blamed him for everything. The house was a mess, the garden flowers were dying and he even stopped going to the mosque.

But there was this one particular night that I shouted at him while I was in my confinement….that made me feel really bad..So I went up to him and said sorry and he hugged me back and say its okay….he knows I didn’t mean it….and thats when I realized, he really was having problems. And it is really something that he cant control.

We werent quite sure why he changed. My mom of course kata black magic. Hehe. But medically we think its a sign of andropause. And a lot of people are saying its due to ageing and prolonged use of heart medication. I keep forgetting that he is already 69 years old. But now when I see my patients yang baya my dad, I count my blessing. Cos Ayah certainly looked a whole lot better than them.

And slowly I began adjusting. All I can tell myself is, he has been there for us all this time. So now it is our time to give back to him. Part of the reason why I quit my job. And alhamdullillah, now he is better..still not the same like last time, but he’s still my rock.

Happy Fathers Day Ayah. I miss the old you. But its okay 🙂




Fynn Jamal

Fynn Jamal part 2

Since I havent wrote for long sooooo long.. I figure its only fitting that I start from where I left off..Yes, post last ku was about Fynn Jamal. How I just started to follow her. And the reason why I like her. Mind you, bukanlah obses tentang dia, tapi suka dengan penulisan dan juga follow dia di IG and Facebook. And I just heard she sang…memang sedap sangat suara Fynn.

For those yang still tak tahu, Fynn juga ada organize adoption cases for bayi yang memerlukan tempat tinggal. Humanitarian effort macam ni memang Suraya sangat salute and I truly feel you need to have a BIG heart, to be called to do something like this.



Anyway, what called me to write about her again is the fact that she’s back here! In Malaysia. And banyak sangat talk show yang panggil dia sekarang, dari MHI ke WHI. So Goodluck Fynn. Goodluck with your album. Goodluck with your journey.

Dalam pada tu…ada jugak haters haters yang tak berapa nak difahami…

But bila baca…tak ada pulak nampak macam benci..more like on the justification why Fynn is doing what she does.

and the best part is…I love her answer, cos like her, I truly dont see anything negative inside the writing, apart from the title..

fynn 1


To me..moral of the story…sometimes its just impossible to make everyone happy, so baik happykan diri kita sendiri 🙂

More updates to come love!

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