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The Jungle Book

A damn good movie. I can watch Jungle Book again and again. We brought along the boys to watch it, dua-dua ternganga sampai habis. Although Luqman actually tidur ternganga. Hehe.

The Jungle Book was really colourful. It is full of colours, animations and they all look real. What I really love was how they made it simple to understand. Every bit, every lesson in this movie was clearly stated.

And i love the setting that they had! They had rocky part of the jungle, the temple, the more flowery part and of course, the man part. It gives you an idea of what to expect at every part. Although i felt they could do with a bit more lighting (chewah)

My favourite character would Baloo. Suka sangat dengan flowery setting dia. So lively and lovely! And the least favourite character would be King Louie. He’ s scary looking. Like creepy, scary, i don’t wanna look at your face. I feel like I wanna give you a slap face.

And that boy! Was such a perfect actor for the part. He looked the part, he played the part. Although i really wonder how he did all the climbing stunts. But he’s really good lah. For a kid, memang awesome.

Ive never seen the other Jungle Book, the older one. So i guess i cant really compare. But for all i know, if you have kids, bring them. It’s a beautiful movie. Heart moving…like Lion King.

Go amd watch!

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Halal Korean Food : Sweetree

Sweetree : Halal Korean Food

Pronounced as Sweet Tree

No 13, Jalan Ampang Putra,

Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang

Close on Sundays


Despite Sweetree being less than 5 minutes away from the house, I tak pernah pun pergi makan kat sini. Cos the shop doesn’t look inviting at all from luar. Betul. Kalau tengok dari jauh, i tot kedai gula-gula.

Ni ha, signboardnye

Ni ha, signboardnye

Like seriously!

But most of my friends datang dari jauh ok nak makan sini. Call call terus kata, Eh aku kat belakang rumah kau ni..kat Sweetree. Haha. And I would be..apela yang best sangat sweetree ni.

Apparently Sweetree is very famous!, siap masuk jalan jalan cari makan, and one of the very few HALAL Korean food around (other than Kung Jung in Darby Park), and chained ones like Dubu Dubu.

Once masuk, WAH! Surprise surprise. It is very very cosy, unique and have very very interesting deco. You’ll be warmly greeted by Mr. Park, the Korean owner I guess. He even took the time to escort us upstairs and showed us a table. I gotta say I am very impressed.

Full house ok Sweetree ni. The menu looks reasonable. Averaging about RM 15-RM 20 per serving.

Once we ordered, the appetizer came. Taktau la awat appetizer nasi but seriously, it taste so good! And its FREE. It’s like nasi bubur with condiments.

I ordered the Kimchi Jigae (Kimchi Soup) and it was so tasty! The only downside was in came in a small bowl. For me lah. I memang makan banyak. Yusraa ordered another kind of stew, tofu if im not mistaken. And we also had the Gimbap? Bimbab? Looks like sushi, taste also like sushi.

But what I must tell you is you NEED TO TRY the GREEN TEA LATTE!!

Amazingly delicious. I tell you. Masih terasa di tekak. Ish.

If you all pernah makan kat Sweetree ni boleh la share apa lagi yang sedap k. So far for Korean, this one is my favourite. The ambience is nice, food pun sedap, price reasonable..berpadanan lah dengan ambience yang cantik.

Untuk yang tak berapa nak lalu makan Korean food, they also serve other dishes. Nasi goreng la, pasta la…but honestly, rugi sangat if you tak try their Korean food. It’s so sedap!


Akak bagi..4 bintang!

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, Family, My Post

Why we love our Biovelocity Sleepmate


Everybody needs a Biovelocity Sleepmate (BVSM).

The goodness it bring to you is so so amazing!. When I first got to know about it, I bought one set for my parents. That was the best decision made! They LOVE their BVSM. They loved how it has improved their sleep and they are so happy that they felt much more energetic the next day. They even claimed that they couldnt sleep without their BVSM!

Why do YOU need a Biovelocity Sleep Mate?

The way we live now is very different from back then. Nowadays the quality of life deteriorates due to many factors. Lack of sleep, overstress from work, air pollution, unhealthy eating habit and many other contributing factors. It’s frightening when I see more younger people are having health problems detected while having health screening done. Common problems such as Migraine, Gastric, Asthma, Diabetes, Depression, Heart Problem, Nerve Problems, Gout, Cancer are becoming very very rampant. In naturopathy, they believe everything starts of with sleeping patterns. This is because during sleep time, the body works to repair body cells. So when you don’t get quality sleep, your body does not repair your body, thus worsens the disease.

What are the benefits of having your own BVSM?

Biovelocity Sleepmate helps to balance our body energy that has been disturbed by external factors. Namely pollutants, disease, virus, radiation, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. All you need to do is rest and sleep with the Biovelocity Sleepmate and the biovelocity energy from it will help to restore the energy in your body. Restoration of these energy will then help to :

  • Enhances your body metabolic rate
  • Activate cells function
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Enhances body resistance and improves immune system
  • Increase energy level
  • Stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure
  • Reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
  • Increases vitality
  • Enhances natural healing ability
  • Balances and harmonizes the physical functions
  • Relieves fatigue and pain
  • Stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • Promotes heart function
  • Promotes a healthy and quality sleep

How BVSM has improved my family’s life

I asked my Dad to sleep on the Biovelocity Sleep Mate because he was having depression. At his age, they call it the ‘male menopause’. He stopped socializing, going out, driving and even golfing! (something that he used to do every other day). After a month with BVSM, he cheered up a little and started going out and driving to nearby stores. Small achievements. Now after almost a year, he is almost back to his normal self again. And to me, that is the best gift that our family can have.

Even for me, as a breastfeeding mother to two toddlers, I am usually exhausted by mid morning. With house chores, errands, part times ultrasound cases, running to and fro to the clinics, running an online bussines and appointments, it is really important for me to be on my toes all the time. Now, with Biovelocity Sleepmate, I am actually able get up early in the morning and get things done and feel good about it. Waking up everyday feeling great is really something that I think everybody should have! It really makes a different to your day. Makes you  feel like a Superwoman.

This is not me

This is not me


As for my kids, my second baby is what you may call a cry baby. He cries most of time (I pray that it gets better everyday, and Alhamdulillah it is getting better). And there was one time when his brother accidentally pulled his hand too hard, he actually did not move the hand for that whole night. I wrapped the Biovelocity Sleepmate on his arm and in the morning that arm moved slowly. By mid afternoon, he was his usual chummy self. And after that I noticed he cries lesser and sleeps better. Instead of waking up 4-5 times a night, now he wakes up about 2-3 times for night feeding.

Luqman & Mama

Luqman & Mama

My sister in law who runs a company on her own swears by Biovelocity Sleepmate. She use to have sleepless night thinking about company issues, but now shes able to get her beauty sleep and this really lowers down her stress level. Which is great because having increased stress is not something that you would want at the age of 40. Increased stress can lead to hypertension and then heart problems.

And of course my husband’s snoring ceases only after a few days with biovelocity Sleepmate. He wouldn’t admit to it of course. Hehe


Want to get your hand on Biovelocity Sleepmate so you can get good quality sleep too?

Biovelocity Sleepmate 1



biovelocity sleepmate 2

Email/ Whatsapp/Call me now

Love Suraya SK

corset, Premium Beautiful, Top Leaders Circle, Waist Nipper, Waist Training

WAIST TRAINING With Premium Beautiful

Have you heard of the waist training movement? The latest craze in Hollywood. Don’t worry, kat Malaysia pun ada ok. Brought to you by Top Leaders Circle ok

Zumba Waist Training with Top Leaders Circle

Zumba Waist Training with Top Leaders Circle


For those who are not blessed with a body like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, good news ladies! You can now achieve (maybe not exactly) but hey a bit of curve is already good kan?

So what is Waist Training?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Training your waist to look slimmer. It is a gradual process of waist reduction using a waist cinching corset. What it gives you, is an instantly beautiful silhouette and gets rid of unwanted inches around your waits.

Benefits of waist training includes helping body to burn fat quicker and expels toxin. It also doubles as breast lift, pushing your boobies and putting them “in the right place”

To maximise waist training, of course one needs to include Healthy Diet and also EXERCISE !

Amber Rose and Kim K Waist Training

Amber Rose and Kim K Waist Training


Waist Training with Premium Beautiful

Waist Training with Premium Beautiful




A person’s body must become accustomed to the waist training program. Begin by wearing the corset 2-4 hours daily. Gradually add on an hour or two until your are able to wear the corset for at least 8 hours per day. Once your waist feels smaller, you can then begin to use the second set of clasps, making the corset more conforming to the body. And this goes on until you progress to smaller sizes and achieve the waist size that you desire.

Using Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

What PB waist nipper offers is the support for waist training. Take note that not all waist training corset out there can endure waist training process. With Premium Beautiful waist nipper, the spine and 7 alloy steel is carefully design to give your spine, the support needed while enduring waist training. It is also certified by 3 bodies of International Chiropractic Association and guarantees a comfortable yet sae usage for waist training.

Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

My friend, Amoi – Trying out the Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

Want to start Waist Training?

We organize weekly Zumba classes in Top Leaders Circle Center. Come and join us in our waist training party.

Waist Training Zumba


Be part of the Malaysian Waist Training movement!


Love Suraya SK

Premium Beautiful, Products, Promotions, Top Leaders Circle


Premium Beautiful Promotion


The rebate is back! One can’t miss this amazing Premium Beautiful promotion.

Rebate RM 150 for 1 full set.

Rebate RM 250 for 2 full sets. Share dengan 1 orang sahaja kawan. Best kan?

If 10 sets?? Rebate RM 1750!

So ladies, rugi kat if tak grab sekarang. It doesn’t matter la if you want to be a user, or a distributor, I’d say grab these 10 sets and the rebate NOW!


Luminez Brightening Skincare Set worth RM 522 for every 2 sets of Premium Beautiful (limited to the first 1000 customers)


Want to try Premium Beautfiul Corset? Thinking of trying Premium Beautiful Corset? Honestly, Premium Beautiful has given me the confidence that no other lingerie has given me 🙂

Love Suraya SK



3d4d scan, My Post

3D/4D Scan in Cheras

I provide ultrasaound service for 3D/4D Scan in Cheras, Poliklinik Seri Mas. Klinik di dalam condominium ya. It’s inside Seri Mas condominum.

The Scanning Room in Poliklinik Seri Mas, Cheras

The Scanning Room in Poliklinik Seri Mas, Cheras

Normal Price for Scan is :

RM 120 For 3D4D scan (include CD, printed photo, simple report) (Now promo RM 110!!)

RM 150 For Detailed Scan (Include CD and full report) – For pregnancy of 20-26 weeks only

Package : Do both Scan at RM 220

A review by a sweet Mama

A review by a sweet Mama


Poliklinik Seri Mas

Amber Tower, 1-0-1,

Jalan 4/89a,

56000 Kuala Lumpur,

Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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The Hobbit : The Battle of Five Armies

Yay! We managed to sneak out for awhile to watch The Hobbit after planning it since last month. Hehe. If it was up to me, I would have never watch Hobbit. The Notebook, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days… is more like my kind of a movie. But thanks to Mr. Hubbs, we’ve never missed watching The Hobbit in the cinema.

Honestly for someone like me who thinks Erebor is another chocolate brand (other than trebor)…the best part of the movie would be the very very honest and pure love scene with Tauriel and Kili. Haha. That’s wat I looked forward for everytime in the movie. But seriously, if you haven’t watch it,you should.

Kili & Tauriel

Kili & Tauriel

It easily converted me, a chic flick movie go-er, to a fan. You basically get 2.5 hourse of pure imagination and thrilling experience. The movie actually transports you to another dimension of life where all these magical creatures exist. You’ll cringe at the image of Azog the Orc (and all the orc basically) and be irritated by Thorin Oakenshield’s stubbornness. Rasa macam nak give slap in the face and yell!!! heloooo can you please come to your senses!

Azog the Orc

Azog the Orc

My biggest concern, at first when we wanted to watch hobbit was “why would I wanna watch a fighting scene berween dwarves and orcs? I doubt theres any beauty in it. But surprisingly it was very very magical. I felt magical. To watch it at home (unless you hav a big ass giant tv) wouldn’t do The Hobbit any justice.

And the elves….ohh…so pure, so interesting to look at. Sharp eyes, sharp eyes sharp nose, white skin. Very captivating. I secretly love the Elven king, Thranduil. Looking at him, you feel like you do live with all these magical creatures.


Look at that!

Look at that! This is Thranduil

And who says you cant fall in love with a dwarfe? Kili is like soooo handsome! Beats any imagination you used to have about dwarves.

Kili di hatiku

Kili di hatiku

Imagine my surprise when I look through the review and they all say the movie is “a stale inevitable ending”. I think it was beautiful and well, it managed to transport me into another world. Oh well, I am a chick flick fan, so maybe my view doesn’t stand tall with true fiction movie fan.


Will I watch it again? Yes, I’ll be rewatching The Hobbit 1 AND 2 AGAIN. If we were sstill dating, we would have considered doing the hobbits marathon! Haha they have it in The Gardens you know?

Okay goodnite loves, Ill sleep and dream of Kili.

Love Suraya SK

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The Maid Dilemma

No, we don’t have an in house maid. But I do have a half day maid who comes whenever she feels like it. She’s Indonesian and Im pretty sure shes younger that me. A friend recommended her before Hussein was born and we liked her. But now she herself has a baby so it’s kinda like a nursery now, with her baby (Iffan), Luqman & Hussein. Hehe. She’s not great, but she’s good. Well, one cant be too choosy nowadays kan. Asalkan maid hati baik, handle the kids ok, we are ok already. But lately dia selalu tak datang. Nanti I call, she will say..”Sorry adik. Aku ketiduran”..haih.

Kenapa tak ambik inhouse maid?

We decided not to take in house maid cos we don’t like strangers in the house. Lagi nak fikir makan minum dia, pakai dia. Well maybe we will get one eventually but not for the time being.
And taska is really another story. Lets not go there. Takut pulak dengan case case yang jadi sekarang. Scared the beeejezus outta me!

At least with maid at home, my parents and I are around to look at the kids as well.
Tapi if you don’t have people at home, silalah pasang video camera. And tell your maid, kakak rumah ni saya pasang camera untuk tengok anak saya sebab saya rindu dia. At least kat situ dia dah takut nak buat apa apa (I read this in one of Fynn Jamal’s posting).

I’ve asked around how do other people manage to have maids in the house. You can either get an Indonesian maid (now it costs about 10k,for a legal maid) and you need to train them. But I’ve heard too many real life stories about Indonesian maid, which is soooo disturbing. They can run away, they can steal, and of course yang famous is they can abuse your children. Google sikit amah dera bayi…Istighfar panjang. The latest case of course is the maid who feed feces to a 2-year old baby. I mean, seriously? That is so so disturbingly cruel and scary. My SIL’s maid ran away while taking care of her baby. She just left the baby inside the cot and vanished. Imagine if she takes the baby away….And this is from a reliable agent kononnya…

So with paying about 10k, and not having a guarantee of a good maid, many of us resort to illegal ones. But then again, with no proper background, you can easily get crazy ones. And believe me, I’ve heard so many crazy stories. My MIL’s maid smokes in the house and pretended she didn’t (That’s crazy part 1). Another maid actually acts like a boss, by making herself a cup of coffee and laze around while my sister went to work (Crazy part 2) and another one claimed that my SIL abused her (so crazy!). Tak masuk lagi yang black magic (ugh), one friend found used pads with dried blood on their roof whilst cleaning their house!

Or you can either get a Pinoy maid, well trained but be prepared for many demands and gaji yang tinggi. Some earn more than 1K ok! Im not sure about the processing fees, but it is more than Indonesians. But of course, you get what you pay for. One of my friend has got a Pinoy maid, and I am envying her right now. Hehe. But they do ask for leave like once a week, or prolly once in a fortnight.

The best I heard is maids from Myanmar. They are illegal of course, because the processing fees is not very smooth (as compared to Indonesians and Pinoy maids). But our friends family is from Myanmar and they source out a maid to come. And they just decided to pay penalty later on when she decided to leave the country. So cheap!

With two kids now, I feel helpless sometimes! (HELP!) and I asked my Mom how she did it. My brothers are only 1 year apart. She was a teacher tho. And her answer is very simple. “Oh, I had two maids, one for Feizal and one for Fahmy”. NOT helping at all!

So what do you think? Can we survive without maids? I’m sure we can. It just takes sweat, loss of sleep and a lot of patience.

This is wh;at happening at our house, hehe

This is wh;at happening at our house, hehe

p/s: Some do have excellent maids. In that case, please count your blessings 🙂 or even better, SHARE your contacts here!

Love Suraya SK

Back Pain, My Post, Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful – Back Pain

Can wearing Premium Beautiful helps to lessen back pain? YES, definitely!

Premium Beautiful - Back Pain

Ha, mesti you all selalu tekan tekan pinggang macam ni kan?. For those yang ada back pain, don’t choose to live with it. You can actually have a better life quality and I will show you how.

Premium Beautiful’s Waist Nipper is equipped with 7 memory wires yang akan support our back bone, hence helping with back pain. This 7 wires will then aligned our back so that our posture is straight. The Far Infra Red (FIR) from the material pulak akan lancarkan blood circulation to our back. Plus Premium Beautiful diiktiraf dari chiropracters from US & Canada. Most of my customers’ yang ada back pain problem memang bagi positive feedback lepas pakai Premium Beautiful.


Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper with 7 memory wires

Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper with 7 memory wires


Premium Beautiful - Certified by American & Canadian Chiropractic Association

Premium Beautiful – Certified by American & Canadian Chiropractic Association


One of my friend works in the healthcare line. Tau la kalau kerja hospital, mesti sakit belakang. Especially nurses. (That’s why la nurses banyak yang pakai Premium Beautiful). My friend is an angiographer in IJN. Everytime kerja, she will have to wear lead shielding to protect from the radiation. Memang berat lah, kira macam pakai baju besi. So even dia kurus pun, she wears Premium Beautiful to work and it has done wonders for her. Now she can work and still feels good without back pain.

Lead shield worn by angiographers

Lead shield worn by angiographers

When I go to work pun, I sit on the chair for more than 5 hours straight, and lean myself to the patient. Sakit tau belakang! And I memang TAKKAN tinggal my Premium Beautiful set, cos I know, if I don’t wear it, I’ll end up with back pain.

Premium Beautiful - Back Pain02

This is how I sit for more than 5 hours straight!

Especially for mothers yang selalu dukung dukung baby, trust me, you will definitely LOVE our waist nipper. Memang sedap sangat pinggang ni, rasa macam diurut-urut.

And from my mentor herself, CDM Salha Zain : Continue Reading

My Post, Premium Beautiful

How to buy Premium Beautiful Corset

So how do you get your hands on Premium Beautiful corset? It is by far the most sought after corset in the market. With SUPERBRANDS, LIFETIME WARRANTY and FIR technology. From experience, I can say that Premium Beautiful is indeed the best of its kind.

Why does everyone need Premium Beautiful?
Because EACH and EVERY ONE of us wants to be HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, VOLUPTIOUS & YOUTHFUL. And some wants to earn BIG MONEY and wants to join the Premium Beautiful business.

Whatever the reason is, YOU have come to the RIGHT PLACE. Because this mummy wears Premium Beautiful, runs the Premium Beautiful business and is LOVING it.

Premium Beautiful Elegance & Premium Beautiful Elegance

Premium Beautiful Elegance & Premium Beautiful Classic


How to buy Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful brochure




All you need to do is to book your appointment now! Click here

Or you can click on the PINK Contact Me button on the left hand side and I’ll reply to your questions shortly


Instant Shaping

Instant Shaping 2

Instant Shaping 1

Love Suraya SK

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