About Me

This diary is to voice out many dilemmas we have as young mothers. When I was younger, all I had in mind was to finish up my studies, get a Degree, get my Masters and get my PhD. Then I thought I’m all set for life. Boy, I wish it was that easy. When I had my first baby, I just realized I don’t want to do the same thing anymore. I wanted some thing extra. I wanted the extra time with my families. I wanted that extra income that I can never get, if I stayed on working 9-5. I wanted time to be able to bring my mom out, run errands for her. I wanted time to drive my Dad around, when he couldnt drive.
And of course, I wanted to give the best for my babies. I want to able to see them grow in front of my eyes. I want to be there when they take their first step. To be able to send them to best school and give the best food. To give the things that both, money can and cannot buy.
So that’s when I left my busy life as a sonographer and started my own online business. It was the best decision in my life. I had both, the time and the income. And I’ve never felt happier and more contented. I’ll prolly still get my PhD tho, just to make my Dad happy :)

Being with Top Leaders Circle is indeed a blessing. Seeing so many powerful ladies who are able to change their lives, has been so inspiring for me. And I hope this diary inspires you too :)

Love Suraya SK