10 Habits To Quit In Order to Be Happy

      Happy Girls are the prettiest 
 Audrey Hepburn  

1. Quit Procastinating On Your Goals
    There’s no tomorrow baby!

2. Quit Blaming Others & Making Excuses
    You are responsible for your life.

3. Quit Trying To Avoid Change
     Nothing will stay the same forever.

4. Quit Trying To Control The Uncontrollable
    It will drive you crazy.
5. Quit Talking Down To Yourself
    Self doubt is a BIG no – no

6. Quit Critisizing Others
    Sila jangan sebuk hal orang lain ye..

7. Quit Running From Your Problem & Fears
    Either you own them or they own you.

8. Quit Living In Another Time & Place
    Live life today!!!

9. Quit Trying To Be Someone You’re Not
    You’ll love yourself more.

10. Quit Being Ungrateful
      Bersyukur…its the key to everything.



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